Recall of Mayor Acquanetta Warren and the Fontana City Council, Fontana, California (2011)

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An effort to recall Acquanetta Warren from her position as mayor of Fontana, California, in San Bernardino County was launched in July 2011.[1] The recall effort was abandoned in August 2011.[2]

A simultaneous effort to recall the other four members of the Fontana City Council also took place and was abandoned. The names of the other four members of the Fontana City Council are John Roberts, Michael Tahan, Matthew Slowik and Lydia Wibert.

Recall supporters

A group called "Fontana United" led the recall effort. In a written statement accompanying the notice of their intention to seek recall elections targeting the members of the Fontana City Council, the group alleged, "Gross financial mismanagement, causing the city of Fontana to become bankrupt. Uncontrolled, uninformed and over-extended spending. Gross mismanagement of redevelopment funds and city projects."[1]

In response, Mayor Warren said, ""Where is the proof? These are lies."[1]

Path to the ballot

Tami Wetzel, co-chair of Fontana United, officially ended the recall campaign on August 8th, 2011.[2]

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