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Recall of the members of the Kellogg City Council, Idaho (2010)

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An effort to recall Kellogg's mayor and all six members of the Kellogg City Council was launched in May 2010.[1] In September 2010, after recall supporters filed signatures on a petition to require a recall election, the city clerk of Kellogg determined that not enough signatures had been filed.[2] Recall supporters said they would continue to organize.

Mac Pooler, the city's mayor, was a recall target and so were all six city council members: Mervin Hill, Terry Douglas, Dennis Norris, Ron Mercado, Mark Aamodt and Todd Goodson.

The recall effort started because the Kellogg City Council:

  • Moved a 50-year-old Veterans Memorial
  • Declined to fly the American flag on the flagpole in Kellogg's Memorial Park or its football field.[1]

These events began when the commanders of the Silver Valley veterans groups told the city in August 2009 that a flagpole in Memorial Park that was flying both the American flag and a Tree City USA flag should not fly both flags on the same flagpole. The flagpole in question flew its flags above a memorial set up to honor the veterans of the Korean War, World War I and World War II.[3]

According to Lee Haynes, a spokesman for the vet groups, they offered the city a separate flagpole upon which the city could display its "Tree City USA flag." However, the city responded by removing the American flag from the pole and moving the memorial to a different veterans' park, leaving the "Tree City USA flag" to fly on the pole.[3]

Shooting allegation

City council member Dennis Norris alleged, "We had a veteran or two that threatened to shoot the council and the mayor. Now we kind of took that personal. That's above and beyond. I would like to express the old adage, 'You can't fight city hall.' But that adage is completely untrue. You can fight city hall but you cannot do it in this manner threatening to shoot somebody."[4]

Some unknown people took a city flag that displayed an icon of a tree from a city flag pole and replaced it with the American flag. City workers later removed the American flag.[4]

Path to the ballot

To force a recall election, 188 signatures -- an amount equalling 20% of registered voters in the city as of the most recent city election -- had to be collected for each recall target. The signatures had to be collected within 75 days of the time that Shoshone County election officials certified the recall petition for circulation. This date was August 30, 2010.[3][5]

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