Redistribution of Tax Monies (October 2009)

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The Redistribution of Tax Monies proposition appeared on the October 17 ballot in Terrebonne Parish. The measure was approved.[1]

  • Yes: 3,617 (84%)Approveda
  • No: 695 (16%)

The school board of Terrebonne Parish said they plan to use the tax they receive to build new classrooms and move schools that are in flooding prone areas. The current sales tax is 1 cent and of that, 17 percent is used for maintenance and technology upgrades. The vote redistributed the 17 percent so that it is used solely for renovating and building new schools. Many of the schools were old and some were even facing over crowding, so the need for the money was paramount in the school board's eyes.[2]

The parish faced some problems in this effort, a lawsuit from 1965 that forced desegregation within the parish schools, made it complicated to build new school or redistribute schools. Many schools were overcrowded and school zones needed to be redrawn to remedy this, but many board members saw this as unfair to the families who moved to a certain area to go to a certain school. A more concrete solution to the over crowding problem remained uncertain.[3]