Redistricting Roundup: Lawsuits dominate early stages of redistricting processes

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April 1, 2011

By Geoff Pallay

This week saw the nation's first finalized map, as the New Jersey Redistricting Commission approved new state legislative districts.

Meanwhile, the lawsuits continue to pile up. Already, 14 states have seen at least one lawsuit filed either pertaining to state or local redistricting. Some states -- such as Texas and Georgia have seen multiple lawsuits filed already.

What this likely indicates, is that the overall process this year for states will be very messy. Of the 140 maps submitted during last decade's redistricting, 37 of them (25%) were eventually altered via some court process or lawsuit. With such a high incidence of lawsuits already filed, it is likely that an even higher percentage of final maps could be subject to court interjection.

A sampling of some of the lawsuits filed:

  • Maine: While state law requires redistricting done in 2013, local residents have filed suit to demand that the date be pushed up and new maps generated earlier. The suit contends that the Congressional districts are out of balance because of a large growth in population in southern Maine.
  • Mississippi: Several lawsuits have been filed relating to the confrontation between the Senate and House over new state legislative maps.


Redistricting Roundup.jpg

This week, lawsuits were filed in New York, Texas and Washington.

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Redistricting Facts
Total States with Lawsuits filed: 14
Next state deadline? Alaska
April 14
Maps submitted for vote: 6 MS (2), LA (3), AR (1)
States that have completed Congressional Maps 0 ([[Redistricting in New Jersey|NJ)
States that have completed State Legislative Maps 1 (NJ)





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