Redwood City Cargill Salt Works Development, Measures V and W (November 2008)

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Two Redwood City Cargill Salt Works ballot measures will appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot in The measure was on the ballot in San Mateo County, California.

The ballot measures both relate to a pending Cargill development of the salt flats east of Highway 101.[1]

Save the Bay

One initiative is sponsored by Save the Bay. This will:

  • Propose all development on open space be passed by Redwood City voters with a two-thirds majority.
  • Permanently change the city’s charter — or constitution — by requiring all open space development changes go to a vote of the people.
  • The change will affect 40 parcels of land in two zoning districts, the tidal plain and the Redwood Shores Bayfront, all city parks and the uses of five privately held areas of land: Cargill salt ponds; Docktown Marina; marsh land south of Galveston Drive, adjacent to Redwood Creek; wetland area of the Preserve at Redwood Shores; and Oracle’s parcel along Belmont slough.

City-sponsored measure

The second ballot measure, put forward by the city council:

  • Proposes any development of the Cargill Salt Works be passed by voters with a simple majority vote — 50 percent plus one.

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