Referendum on the Azusa Rock Quarry Approval, Measure A (January 2011)

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A Referendum on the Azusa Rock Quarry Approval, Measure A was on the January 25, 2011 ballot for voters in the City of Azusa in Los Angeles County.[1]

Measure A was approved.

Measure A was placed on the ballot through the collection of signatures by a group that sought to overturn Ordinance No. 10-05, which was adopted by the Azusa City council in July 2010.[1]

Ordinance No. 10-05 approves a development agreement between the City and Vulcan Materials. Vulcan Materials is described on its website as "the nation's leading producer of construction aggregates: primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel." The development agreement between the City and Vulcan will allow Vulcan to take certain development steps on the 270-acre property known as the Azusa Rock Quarry.

  • A "yes" vote on Measure A was a vote to approve the City Council's agreement with Vulcan Materials.
  • A "no" vote on Measure A was a vote to reject the City Council's agreement with Vulcan Materials.

Election results

Measure A
Result Votes Percentage
Approveda Yes 1,972 65.2%
No 1,054 34.8%
Total votes 3,026 100.00%
Voter turnout  %

Ordinance 10-05

Ordinance 10-05, which was approved by the city's voters on January 25, will:

  • Permit Vulcan to continue its mining operations at the Azusa Rock Quarry until 2038 "while transferring mining operations to an 80 acre site on the western portion of the Quarry and prohibiting Vulcan from mining an 80 acre site on the eastern portion"[2]
  • "Require reclamation of the Quarry and “Mayan Steps” in accordance with the modified CUP and Reclamation Plan."[2]
  • "Require Vulcan to make an advance prepayment of $1,500,000 in extraction taxes and minimum annual prepayments of $500,000 in extraction taxes, up to a cumulative minimum advance of $5,000,000."[2]
  • "Require Vulcan to dedicate easements for open space and trail head purposes, provide year-round access to the trail and require city program payments and open space payments."[2]
  • "Require Vulcan to purchase an additional PM10 particulate air quality monitor to measure regional ambient concentration of PM10 within Azusa."[2]


"Yes on A" logo

Arguments in favor of a "yes" vote on Measure A in the official voter pamphlet were signed by:

  • Keith Hanks
  • Robert Gonzales
  • Uriel Macias
  • Angel Carrillo

Hanks, Gonzales, Macias and Carrillo are all members of the Azusa City Council.

The Canyon City Alliance advocated for a "yes" vote on Measure A. The membership of the Canyon City Alliance includes:

  • Vulcan Materials Company
  • The Azusa Chamber of Commerce
  • The Azusa Police Officers’ Association
  • Full list of endorsers


"No on A" T-shirt

Measure A is opposed by a group called "Azusans Against Mining Expansion."

The official voter pamphlet arguments against Measure A were signed by:

  • Cristina Cruz-Madrid, Former Azusa Mayor
  • Jeri Vogel, Azusans Against Mining Expansion
  • Bruce Knoles, Azusa Cultural & Historic Preservation Commissioner
  • Pearl S. Latta, Azusa Resident
  • Lupe M. Granados, Azusa Resident

Text of measure


The question on the ballot:

Measure A: Shall Ordinance No. 10-05 adopting a development agreement with Azusa Rock Inc., which was approved by the Azusa City Council and provides environmental benefits and assurances, including millions of dollars in reclamation of the Mayan Steps, requires additional air quality monitoring, requires permanent access to Fish Canyon, provides Open Space funding, and mandates an end to hillside mining by 2038 be adopted?"[3]


¿Debería, Ordenanza No. 10-O5 adoptando el contrato de desarrollo con Azusa Rock, Inc. el cual fue aprobado por el Concilio de la Ciudad de Azusa y que provee benefi cios ambiéntales y seguridades, incluyendo millones de dólares en reclamación del Mayan Steps, requiere controlarmiento adicional de la calidad del aire, requiere acceso permanente a Fish Canyon, provee fondos para espacio abierto y manda un fi nal a la minería en la montaña para el año 2038, ser adoptada?

Campaign videos

Yes on A

No on A

Path to the ballot

Measure A was on the ballot because the group "Azusans Against Mining Expansion" collected and submitted over 2,700 signatures to the Azusa City Clerk. The signatures were submitted on August 18, 2010. As per standard practice, the city clerk presented the signatures to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters. That office, on September 29, announced that they had discerned that over 2,000 of the signatures were valid. Since only 1,650 signatures were required to force a vote on the Azusa Rock Quarry agreement, the Azusa City Clerk then certified the petition. As a result, the Azusa City Council was required to schedule an election on the question.

On Monday, October 18, "Azusans Against Mining Expansion" asked that the election be scheduled at the regular municipal election on March 8, 2011 ballot. However, instead, the city council voted to call a special election on January 25, 2011.

According to "Azusans Against Mining Expansion", the special election on January 25 will cost the city $60,000 in election administration costs that would not have occurred if the city had scheduled the Measure A election on March 8.

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