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A Group calling itself Maine People For Real Freedom filed a petition to repeal Maine's participation in the Federal RealID program[1]. Maine's legislature passed a bill - LD2309[2] - as the first implementation of the Federal program. This Veto referendum petition was approved for circulation 2 weeks later. Supporters contended that the Federal program was a violation of citizen's rights to privacy. see External Links for more information on the Federal program. For in-depth information on the Repeal RealID petition go to Repeal RealID - LD2309 on the Plone web site.

Maine People For Real Freedom

32 Wildes Rd Bowdoinham, ME 04008

Kathleen McGee,

Lu Bauer,



Repeal Real ID supporters met in front of the Federal Building, 142 Federal St., in Portland July 17th. They announced the results of their petition drive to repeal Maine's first implementation of the Federal Real ID program. 55,087 signatures were needed to place the veto referendum on November's ballot, however, they fell short with only 24,125.

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