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Steps to take with state authorities


If you see vote fraud taking place what steps should you take? Follow these steps immediately while still at the location.

1. Contact your local Police giving them the details.
2. Take pictures or record the incident with your cell phone.
3. Contact your County/City Elections Clerk. Poll workers/observers will have contact information inside the voting location.
4. Contact your Secretary of State.
5. Contact your State Attorney General or local State's Attorney.

When all the above states have been completed, use one or more of the contact steps below to report the vote fraud to Ballotpedia's Vote Fraud team.

Be an E-Poll Watcher

You can become an E-Poll watcher at your local precinct. Register to be epoll watcher for more details.

Contacting us

Text AlertsText fraud.jpeg

Phone To report vote fraud, please call toll-free: 1-888-295-0176

Submit a form
Submit a form to our project telling us to what is going in your state after you have alerts you local election authorities.

Text alert Text us and let us know what you've spotted near you.


Vote Fraud Guide has set up a stream of relevant communication made possible thanks to Twitter, a powerful free social media tool. Twitter allows anyone to send, or "tweet" messages that are 140 characters or less, and have them displayed in a "stream" of messages created by friends and followers. By using a hashtag (the # plus a key word), Twitter allows users to search within the network and gather tweets that focus on one general topic.

In order to participate in the Vote Fraud twitter stream, you'll want to set up a free account at Once your account is established, you can publish, or "tweet" your vote fraud related message and have it displayed for all of those who follow you to see. If you wish to have your vote fraud related tweets displayed here on the site, simply include #voterfraud somewhere in the tweet. By having #voterfraud in the tweet, our site is able to index the tweet and include here within our pages.


Our Flickr group is in place to host vote fraud related pictures you might have captured while out and about. To join the group, make sure you have a free Flickr account. Once you have your account set up, simply visit the Voter Fraud Squad Flickr Group.

After you've joined the group, you can submit vote fraud pictures and they will appear in the group stream.


You See It TV is our new video site where you can upload your video, audio files, grab videos from YouTube, Google Video, Myspace and DailyMotion.

To join, visit and click Join in the upper right corner of the screen. You will need to confirm your membership. Once you have done that you are ready to upload audio, videos and make new friends by logging in. Click Upload to upload your own videos. Click the Grab Youtube Video to pull a video from YouTube, Google Video, Myspace and DailyMotion.

Facebook group

Join our facebook group! Network with others that are working to stop vote fraud from occurring.