Right of Non-Citizens to Vote in San Francisco School Board elections, Proposition D (November 2010)

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A Right of Non-Citizens to Vote in San Francisco School Board elections ballot proposition is on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voters in San Francisco.[1]

If approved, the measure will allow parents and legal guardians of students in the San Francisco Unified School District to cast ballots in school board elections, regardless of their immigration status.

It is estimated that the cost of administering an election involving non-citizens would be about $150,000. John Arntz, the director of the city's election department, had originally estimated that the cost would be $800,000. However, the $800,000 estimate was the estimate for holding the school board election on a day separate from the city's general election. The $150,000 estimate is how much it would cost to administer non-resident voting, if the non-resident voting takes place on a regular election day.[1]

Proposition F in 2004

A similar measure, Proposition F, was on the November 2, 2004 ballot in San Francisco, where it was narrowly (51-49%) defeated.

The ballot question in 2004 was, "May San Francisco residents who are 18 or older vote in School Board elections, whether or not the resident is a United States citizen, if the resident is a parent, guardian or care-giver of a child in the School District?"

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