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{{Connecticut State Senators}}
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[[Category:Green Party]]

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Rolf Maurer
Connecticut House District 148
Political party Green Party
Profession Publishing
Website Campaign website
Rolf Maurer was the Green Party candidate in the special election for the Connecticut House of Representatives, District 64. Maurer ran to fill the vacancy created when Carlo Leone (D) won election to the Connecticut State Senate, District 27 in a February 22 special election. Maurer was a write-in Green Party candidate in that special election.

Maurer is a former Associate Editor for Folio magazine. He has spent eight years in the trade and directory publishing industry. He also served as former co-chair of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Stamford's Civil Liberties Action Committee. He ran as a Green Party candidate for Stamford Mayor in 2009 and State Representative in 2010.

Campaign themes


Maurer's 2011 campaign Facebook page emphasizes several key policy positions and campaign themes:

  • Enviroment and transportation: "Promote more alternative transportation options, including mini-vans, additional bus service and, where practicable, intra-urban light rail. Education efforts and local economic growth incentives could be used to promote bicycle paths and more pedestrian-friendly infrastructure... Advocate for state-level repeal of FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (S. 510), as proposed in Vermont, which could jeopardize local farms, CSAs and farmers' markets through fines and draconian prison sentences imposed if in noncompliance with onorous paperwork and regulations. While safety measures are in response to spread of contamination, the source of e. coli contamination is principally due to large-scale factory-farming, not family farming/local agriculture. "
  • Education: "More state funding for education would alleviate burden of CT towns paying for most of their own school systems through property taxes. This would make it easier to cut funding for for-profit charter schools. Free tuition should be applicable at state and community colleges."
  • Economy and labor: "Support the creation of a state-level bank, patterned after North Dakota's 100-year-old Bank of North Dakota, which, because of its autonomy from dubious investment vehicles, like subprime mortages, has rendered the state immune from the economic upheavals devastating the rest of the United States. Impressed with North Dakota's low unemployment rate (3.7% as of last August - and robust local financial situation, Florida and other states are looking into emulating this model... A mandatory living wage should be introduced, subsidized for small business employers, where necessary... Put an end to the practice of municipal tax giveaways to corporations in exchange for doing business in the state. This way all CT towns will be on a level playing field instead of competing in a race to the bottom"
  • Sate war economy conversion: "CT military contractors should be given incentives to retool for a civilian-side, state-supportive economy by making buses, or contributing toward green technology transition (wind farms, solar panels, etc.). CT residents in the National Guard should not be required to serve abroad, as such duty is illegal."
  • Health and safety: "Support legislation for a statewide single-payer healthcare program...Requiring all CT homeowners' insurance policies to offer adequate coverage for those impacted by a nuclear disaster might serve as an incentive to shut down Millstone, or proposed future nuclear power plants in the state...End the wasteful, needless War On Drugs. Legalization would obviate need for funds and resources that could be used more productively elsewhere, as well as facilitate development of hemp-based industry that would provide less environmental destructive/resource depleting alternatives to traditional paper and petroleum-based plastics and fuel production.!"



See also: State legislative special elections, 2011

Maurer was defeated by Dan Fox (D) in the April 12, 2011 special election. John Mallozi (D), Charles Pia Jr. (R), and Monique Thomas (I) also ran for the seat.[1][2]


See also: State legislative special elections, 2011; Connecticut state legislative special elections, 2011

Maurer was defeated by Carlo Leone (D) in the February 22, 2011 special election.[3]



54 Hope Street, Unit I

Stamford, CT, 06906


Phone: 203-327-6464

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