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September 10, 2010


OLYMPIA, Washington: Initiative petition signatures have been green-lighted for release. In early September, Thurston County Judge Richard Hicks dissolved an injunction on the release of the signatures.[1] A restraining order had previously been imposed after Tim Eyman filed a lawsuit after debate began regarding to the release of 2009's Referendum 71 petition signatures and a political consultant asked for copies of the signatures. The lawsuit requested blocking the release of petition signatures relating to approximately 11 initiatives (including 2009's I-1033).

In reaction to the news, Eyman said, "We were gratified that the Secretary of State said that they will inform the requestor that he cannot use any of this information for commercial purposes, which was one of the concerns we had in the lawsuit."[2]

Although the restraining order was dismissed, Judge Hicks has not dismissed the legal case.[3]

The ruling can be read here.

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