Saginaw County, Michigan ballot measures

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November 2, 2010

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Approveda Saginaw County Event Center Levy Renewal (November 2010)
Approveda Saginaw County Animal Control Levy Increase (November 2010)
Defeatedd Ashley & Ovid-Elsie School District Non Residential Property Levies (November 2010)
Approveda Freeland School District Sinking Fund Levy Renewal (November 2010)
Defeatedd Bridgeport Township Public Safety Levy Increase (November 2010)
DefeateddApproveda Birch Village Police and Street Levy Additions, 2 (November 2010)
Approveda Zilwaukee City Pool and Water Levy Renewals, 2 (November 2010)

August 3, 2010

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Approveda Saginaw County Parks Services Levy Renewal (August 2010)
Defeatedd Albee Township Parcel Assessment Fee Increase (August 2010
Approveda Bridgeport Library Levy Implementation (August 2010)
Approveda Buena Vista Township Recreational Levy Renewal (August 2010)
Approveda Castle Museum Levy Renewal (August 2010)
Approveda Saginaw Tax Renewal and Replacement Measures, 3 (August 2010)
ApprovedaDefeatedd Saginaw Charter Amendments, 4 (August 2010)
Approveda Freeland & Hemlock School District Levy Renewals, 2 (August 2010)
ApprovedaDefeatedd Marion & Richland Township Road Levy Renewals, 2 (August 2010)

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