San Anselmo Floor Area Ratio Ordinance, Measure E (November 2009)

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A San Anselmo Floor Area Ratio Ordinance, Measure E ballot proposition will be on the November 3, 2009 ballot in Marin County for voters in the Town of San Anselmo. Measure E is a veto referendum placed on the ballot by citizens who are challenging home-size restrictions approved by the Town of Anselmo Council. A "yes" votes supports the home-size restrictions. A "no" vote overturns the home-size restrictions.

The question on the ballot will be, "Shall the ordinance of the San Anselmo Town Council establishing maximum floor area and maximum lot coverage for single family properties located below 150 feet mean sea level elevation be adopted?"

Supporters of a "yes" vote

  • The Marin Independent-Journal urges its readers to vote "yes" on Measure E. They say, "Design may be more important than square footage, but having standards well-detailed in city building rules is the best way to settle disputes over "McMansions." The goal of the town law was to spell out local house-size restrictions for homeowners, potential buyers and neighbors who are worried that neighborhoods are getting overbuilt."[1]

Opponents of the new home-size restrictions

  • Former mayors Paul Chignell and Jeff Kroot urge a "no" vote. They believe that San Anselmo's new restrictions for properties in the flatlands are too burdensome and will prevent people from building additions if their family size increases.[1]

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