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Where you can find information on ballot developments, litigation, and legislation in San Diego, California

San Francisco settles voting machine vendor lawsuit

San Francisco has settled a fraud and breach-of-contract lawsuit against its former voting machine vendor. Under the settlement, the Nebraska based Election Systems and Software agreed to reimburse the city $3.5 million, nearly all of the $3.8 million San Francisco paid the company for its ballot-marking machines in 2006.[1]

The lawsuit is a result of the Nov. elections when the secretary of state required hand-inspection of each ballot due of concerns about the reliability of the machines.

City Attorney Dennis Herrera alleged that the company deliberately gave the city an outdated model that was unapproved by the secretary of state had not approved.

As a result of the lawsuit, the city has purchased new touch-screen voting machines from another vendor that will be in place for California's Feb. 5 presidential primary.