San Francisco Earthquake Retrofit Bond, Measure A (November 2010)

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A San Francisco Earthquake Retrofit Bond, Measure A was on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voters in San Francisco.

Proposition A, if approved by voters, authorizes San Francisco to borrow $46.15 million by issuing general obligation bonds. The money would be used to pay for seismic retrofitting of soft-story affordable housing and single-room occupancy buildings. Projects funded by the bond would include:

  • A deferred loan and grant program to pay for seismic retrofitting of soft-story affordable housing buildings funded by government agencies. $41,330,000 could be used for this.
  • A loan program to pay for seismic retrofitting of soft-story single-room occupancy buildings. Up to $4,820,000 could be used for this.

A two-thirds supermajority vote is required for approval.


The official ballot argument in favor of Proposition A is signed by:

  • Mayor Gavin Newsom
  • President David Chiu, Board of Supervisors
  • Joanne Hayes-White, Fire Chief*
  • Edwin Lee, City Administrator*
  • Gabriel Metcalf, Executive Director, SPUR

They say:

"For $2.48 per San Franciscan annually, we can prevent building collapse: saving lives, preventing fires from spreading through neighborhoods, and keeping residents from being displaced and homeless."


The official ballot argument in opposition to Proposition A is signed by:

  • Dr. Terence Faulkner, J.D., County Central Committeeman
  • Doo Sup Park, State Senate Nominee

They say:

"Should San Francisco give financial aid to multi-millionaire slumlords and related sub-standard 'fire trap' hotels?
These slumlords and substandard hotel owners are dragging their feet and refusing to make basic repairs to their poorly maintained properties. What the City really needs are firm building inspectors who will take these questionable businessmen to court and/or City Prison. Proposition A’s proposal to give these slumlords a financial aid program of some $46,150,000 in giveaways, grants, and loans is outrageous. Don’t reward illegal misconduct. Proposition A is an insult to the law abiding residents and voters of San Francisco. These multi-millionaire building owners already have enough money to properly repair their properties."

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Proposition A: EARTHQUAKE SAFETY RETROFIT DEFERRED LOAN AND GRANT PROGRAM GENERAL OBLIGATION BONDS, 2010. To provide deferred loans and grants to pay the costs for seismic retrofits of certain multi-story wood-frame buildings with vulnerable soft-story construction at significant risk of substantial damage and collapse during a major earthquake and funded by a qualified governmental housing finance agency for permanent or long-term affordability, or single room occupancy buildings owned by private parties, and pay related costs, shall the City issue up to $46,150,000 of general obligation bonded indebtedness, subject to citizen oversight and regular audits?[1]

Path to the ballot

Supervisors Alioto-Pier, Avalos, Campos, Chiu, Chu, Daly, Dufty, Elsbernd, Mar, Maxwell and Mirkarimi voted 11-0 on July 20, 2010 to put Proposition A on the ballot.

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