San Francisco Junior ROTC, Proposition V (November 2008)

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The Save the San Francisco Junior ROTC Initiative is a city-wide ballot initiative being circulated by a group of San Francisco parents.[1]. The ballot measure, if it succeeds, will overturn a 2006 vote to shut down the Junior ROTC by 2009.

In mid-June 2008, the San Francisco school board held a meeting at which members voted on a resolution to eliminate the physical education credit for the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps. The measure failed on a 3-3 vote, due to the fact taht one of its sponsors, Jane Kim, was out of town.

San Francisco parents who are gathering signatures for a ballot measure urging the board to overturn its 2006 vote to shut down JROTC, have dismissed the suggestion that the board was acting to head off a lawsuit challenging whether JROTC meets state PE standards as "a false issue."[2]


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