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San Joaquin County
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Election Department
Historical election results
Voter registration
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July 21

See also July 21, 2011 ballot measures


November 2

See also November 2, 2010 election in California

Approveda Tracy Appointed City Clerk, Measure D
Approveda Tracy Sales Tax, Measure E
Approveda Stockton Low Rent Housing Project Approval Authority, Measure G
Approveda Stockton Binding Arbitration for Fire Department Employees, Measure H
Approveda Stockton Marijuana Tax, Measure I
Approveda Jefferson School District bond proposition, Measure J

Election results

June 8

See also June 8, 2010 election in California

Approveda Dan Castillo recall, Stockton Unified School District, California (2010) (Castillo was recalled.)
Approveda Lammersville Joint Unified School District, Measure A (June 2010) (also on the ballot in Alameda County)
Approveda Byron Bethany Irrigation District, Measure B (June 2010) (also on the ballot in Alameda County and Contra Costa County)
Defeatedd North San Joaquin Water Conservation District, Measure C (June 2010)


May 5

See also May 5, 2009 ballot measures in California

Approveda New Hope Elementary School, Size of Governing Board, Measure X, May 2009

March 3

See also March 3, 2009 ballot measures in California

Defeatedd Lodi Redevelopment Zone, Measure W, 2009


November 4

See also: November 4, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda Tracy school district bond election, Measure S, 2008
Approveda Tracy term limits, Measure T, 2008
Approveda Stockton Utility User Tax, Measure U, 2008
Approveda North San Joaquin groundwater charge repeal, Measure V, 2008

June 3

See also June 3, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda Oak View Union School District Measure R (June 2008)

February 5

See also February 5, 2008 ballot measures in California

Approveda Stockton Unified school bond election, Measure Q, February 2008

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