San Luis Obispo City Charter Language about Retirement Benefits, Measure A (August 2011)

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A San Luis Obispo City Charter Language about Retirement Benefits ballot question is on the August 30, 2011 ballot in San Luis Obispo County for voters in the City of San Luis Obispo.[1]

Path to the ballot

The measure was referred to the ballot by the City Council of San Luis Obispo in a 4-1 vote cast on May 17. Councilman John Ashbaugh is the one city council member who voted against putting the measure on the August 30 ballot.[1]


A lawsuit was filed on May 3 by the San Luis Obispo Police Officers Association in a bid to keep the measure from going to a vote.[2]

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Charles Crandall ruled that sufficient grounds do not exist to keep the ballot measure off the ballot.[1]


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