San Luis Obispo Prado Road Initiative, Measure H-10 (November 2010)

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A San Luis Obispo Prado Road Initiative, Measure H ballot proposition was on the November 2, 2010 ballot for voters in the City of San Luis Obispo in San Luis Obispo County. It was resoundingly defeated.

Measure H, if voters had approved it, would have amended several chapters of San Luis Obispo's Margarita Area Specific Plan, Airport Area Specific Plan and the General Plan in order to remove a portion of Prado Road that is currently planned to cross the northwest edge of the City-owned Damon-Garcia property property and connect to Broad Street.

Measure H was placed on the ballot via the initiative process.

Election results

  • Yes: 3,063 (19.99%)
  • No: 12.260 (80.01%)

Election results are from the San Luis Obispo elections division as of November 27, 2010.

A simple majority vote was required for approval.


The voter pamphlet arguments in favor of Measure H were signed by:

  • Bill Wilson, teacher
  • Michael Sullivan, park ranger
  • Mila Vujovich-LaBarre, teacher

The arguments they made in the voter pamphlet said that Measure H gives voters "a rare opportunity to preserve 4 acres of land for recreation and safeguard the open, natural connection between the South Hills Open Space and the popular Damon-Garcia Sports Fields."


The voter pamphlet arguments opposing Measure H were written by:

  • Dave Romero, mayor
  • Allen Settle, city council member and former mayor

The arguments in the voter pamphlet said that San Luis Obispo City Council has unanimously urged a "no" vote on Measure H.

Opponents said that supporters have made misleading statements, for example, by saying that the proposed road will cut through the Damon-Gracia Sports Fields.

They also said that if Measure H passes, it will slow emergency vehicle response times and cause traffic congestion.

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:

Measure H: An initiative amending the Margarita Area Specific Plan to eliminate a portion of the Prado Road Extension currently planned to cross the boundaries of the city-owned Damon Garcia Property, and to prohibit any encroachment of development or streets into the South Hills Open Space and the Damon-Garcia property, and amending other city land use and planning documents to conform to the Margarita Area Specific Plan Amendments.[1]

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