School bond and tax elections in Georgia

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School bonds
Laws governing
school bond and tax votes
School bonds
Parcel taxes
School bond and tax elections in Georgia happen under two circumstances:
  • Exceed the 20 mill levy limit set by the Georgia Constitution.
  • To impose new sales taxes to fund educational purposes.

Laws affecting school finance

20 Mill limit

Georgia is one of three states that has a constitutionally protected levy limit. Georgia has a 20 mill levy limit protected by the Georgia Constitution. Also, Georgia is one of a few states that uses the mill rate formula over a lengthy mathematical formula in calculating property tax levy limits[1].

Sales tax for Education

Georgia has a constitutionally protected sales tax for education. Georgia uses the sales tax to fund capital outlays that are used for capital improvements and to retire previous debts and obligations. The voters in a county can vote to approve up to an additional one percent sales tax to fund educational projects. If an additional sales tax is approved, then the tax must discontinue after 5 years from when its first implemented[2].

Required notice of bond election

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