Second Missouri Initiative to Lower Drinking Age (2008)

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The Second Missouri Initiative to Lower Drinking Age was an initiated state statute that would have:
  • lowered the legal age to manufacture, sell, dispense, supply, purchase, possess and consume alcohol from twenty-one years of age to eighteen years of age
  • revised related criminal penalties consistent with the lower legal age


Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) was the leading opposition of this measure. "We welcome the attention to the drinking age," says MADD CEO Chuck Hurley. "The data is in fact overwhelming."[1]

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated laws setting the drinking age at 21 cut traffic fatalities involving drivers ages 18-20 by 13%.

Also, according to a federal mandate, 10% of of the states federal highway funds would have been revoked if the drinking age was lowered.

Initiative stalled

Missouri 18 To Drink concluded it couldn't collect the 100,000 signatures needed by May. The initiative decided to aim for the 2010 election, stated organizer Michael Mikkelsen.

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