Shelby Township recall, Michigan, 2010

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Two local officials in Shelby Township are facing a recall after local residents filed petitions in October 2009. Targeted individuals include Supervisor Richard Stathakis and Treasurer Paul Viar.[1] On December 4, 2009 the Macomb County Election Commission approved two recall petitions against Stathakis. According to the approved petitions, supporters are calling for Stathakis recall after he voted against the acquisition of a new fire truck and ambulance.[2] The petitions were filed by local resident Bradley Alspaugh.[3]

Stathakis and Viar entered office in 2008 and are scheduled for re-election in 2012.


According to the filed petitions, both Stathakis and Viar allegedly awarded bids to companies who contributed to each of their elections. In response to the allegations Stathakis called the recall attempt "emotional, political nonsense." Viar, however, said that anyone has the right to file a recall petition and that he will just have to deal with the recall attempt. Viar added that he believed the attempt was just "lashing out and possibly just a knee-jerk reaction" to a recent bid lost by a local company, Nightingale Standard Service.[1]

Stathakis' response to recall

According to reports, in an email response Stathakis said,"The Macomb County Election Commission only makes its determination for recall petitions based upon the clarity of the language. Language for recall petitions need not be factual or truthful," of the approved recall petition language. In response to the reasons behind the recall effort, Stathakis said that the switch from a 15-year scheduled to an 18-year schedule for replacing the fire pumper trucks will save the town approximately $686,240 over the next nine years.[2]

Path to the ballot

For a recall election, supporters must collect a minimum of about 7,014 signatures.[4] The signatures must be submitted within 120 days starting from the approval of the petition language, however, signatures are only valid for 90 days.[2]

Recall election costs

If a recall election is forced, the township will not incur additional costs should the election be scheduled during the regularly scheduled August or November elections. However, should the elections take place during another period of time a recall election is estimated to cost the township approximately $30,000.[2]

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