Shirley Matson recall, Nye County, Nevada (2011)

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An effort to recall Shirley Matson from her position as Nye County Assessor was launched in August 2011 and abandoned in October 2011 after failing to collect enough signatures.[1],[2]

Reasons for recall

Recall organizers were upset about remarks Matson made about county workers. In an email to the Nye County sheriff, Matson said the immigration status of county workers should be investigated because they "appeared to be Mexican/Latino and non-English speaking."[1] Matson also sent an email that referred to illegal immigrants as "locusts crossing our great country destroying everything in sight" and said illegal female immigrants will "spread their legs to anyone to get an anchor baby growing in their bellies."[2]

Matson responded in an email that "I am not anti Hispanics or anyone else! I am just against anyone illegally in our country committing crimes against the U.S. citizens."[2]

Stephanie Lopez was the leader of the recall effort.

Path to the ballot

On October 1, recall organizers submitted 2,556 signatures to the county clerk's office. They would have needed 3,613 signatures to force a recall.[3]

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