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Simone Gordon

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Simone Gordon
Candidate for
Oregon State House District 8

Political party Republican
Website Campaign website
Simone Gordon was a Republican candidate for District 8 of the Oregon House of Representatives. The primary election was on May 18, 2010 and the general election was on November 2.


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Gordon was defeated in the November 2 general election by incumbent Paul Holvey (D).


Campaign themes

Gordon's campaign website lists eight main issues:

  • Jobs: "Jobs are the basis of a stable economy. Getting Oregonians back to work will be my top priority as your next State Representative..."
  • Taxes: "We cannot continue the tired old pattern of tax and spend politics. Instead of continuing to increase taxes on the hard working people in our state, we need to learn to allocate our funds properly and effectively. We currently have the highest income and capital gains taxes in the nation, and the business climate in the state of Oregon is becoming increasingly dismal..."
  • Spending: "Contrary to popular opinion, we're not dealing with a lack of proper funding, we're dealing with a lack of effective management. We simply cannot keep spending more than we're taking in. It's simple economics..."
  • Education: "It is imperative that we return the decision making power back to where it belongs--the parents and local communities. We must also bring back vocational education, so there will be more educational opportunities for more people..."
  • Conservation: " If elected, I will encourage and sponsor continued research for alternative energy sources. I will support research into algae-based ethanol and biomass diesel..."
  • Decriminalization: "More than 20 million people have been arrested for marijuana offenses in the past forty years and 75% of them have been under the age of thirty. The immense costs include the diversion of law enforcement personnel and lost financial resources. Instead, we should continue the obvious and sensible prohibition of smoking and driving but decriminalize personal usage..."
  • Second Amendment: "It's imperative that we fight to preserve our Constitutional rights. I believe a law abiding citizen has the right to keep and bear arms, whether for hunting or the protection of their family."
  • Animal Shelters: "I'd like to work to see all Oregon animal shelters be "no kill." Until that is able to happen, I'm going to work to continue cracking down on the horrific puppy mills, as well as make sure that breeders are inspected regularly and thoroughly, to ensure our animals are being protected..."

Independent Party Questionnaire

Gordon responded to the Independent Party of Oregon questionnaire.[1] Below are a selection of paraphrased answers, as well as some direct responses.

  • Q: What is your #1 priority?
  • A: ""My #1 priority is reducing spending. Currently, Oregon government's spending habits are out of control..."
  • Q: What programs would you cut to make up the budget shortfall?
  • A: "It's simple. To raise revenue, we must reduce spending." Gordon proposed 4 cuts to improve the state's budget:
1. Reduce the number of Oregon Department of Transporation employees from 5,000 to 2,000-3,000
2. Eliminate "Cultural Competency Managers"
3. Eliminate taxpayer funding of non-core programs, including the Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Commission on Historic Cemeteries, and others.
4. Consolidate school districts from 198 to around 75.
  • Q: What is your best idea to promote economic development in Oregon?
  • A: "The best way to promote economic development in Oregon is to make Oregon a business friendly state... The best way to do this is to reduce unncessary taxes that hurt small business owners."
  • Q: Should the Attorney General and Secretary of State enforce Measure 47 limits on political campaign contributions?
  • A: "No, I do not believe there should be a limit on either campaign contributions or expenditues, as it is a matter of free speech, pure and simple."
  • Q: Do you favor amending the Oregon Constitution, if ultimately necessary, to allow reasonable limits on campaign contributions in state and local candidate races?
  • A: "No."
  • Q: Do you support "fusion-lite" with multiple parties nominating a candidate?
  • A: "Yes, I don't see any problem with that."
  • Q: Do you support regulation to control health care costs and give the Insurance Division greater power to limit unreasonable rate increases and allow citizen participation in cases involving insurance rate hikes?
  • A: "Yes, because the way to control health care costs is to limit how much insurance companies can charge."
  • Q: Should non-affiliated voters be allowed to vote in the primaries of the major parties?
  • A: "Yes."
  • Q: Should Oregon adopt a nonpartisan commission of retired judges to reapportion its congressional and legislative districts?
  • A: "Yes."
  • Q: What is your best idea for making government in Oregon responsive to the public interest and less consumed with the desires of special interests?
  • A: "I believe there should be term limits for the House, Senate, and Governor so we get fresh ideas and fresh faced every few terms. We must also limit how often lobbyists can be in contact with elected officials."


Campaign Address

251 West Broadway, Apartment 113

Eugene, OR 97401

Campaign email

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