Six initiatives file signatures in Oregon

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July 6, 2010

SALEM, Oregon: Six citizen initiatives may appear on the November 2 general election ballot in the state of Oregon. On July 2, six of the 83 proposed initiatives filed signatures in an attempt to qualify for the statewide ballot. All exceeded the state's minimum signature requirements. Initiated constitutional amendments require a minimum of 110,358 signatures, while initiated state statutes require at least 82,769. The secretary of state's office has a total of 30 days to verify the submitted signatures.[1][2]

Initiatives pending certification:

Type Title Subject Description
CISS Minimum Criminal Sentence Increase Law enforcement Requires an increased minimum sentence for some sex crimes and repeat DUIs
CISS Regulated Medical Marijuana Supply System Act Marijuana State to license marijuana farmers who can distribute crop to medical marijuana dispensaries
CICA Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment Redistricting Repeals current legislative redistricting process and establishes a new process
CICA Lottery Funds for Natural Resources Amendment Environment Renews dedication of 15% of lottery proceeds to parks and natural resources
CICA Oregon Job Growth Education And Communities Fund Act (Casino in Wood Village, Part I) Gambling Creates exception to casino ban, must allow one private casino
CISS Job Growth Education And Communities Fund Act (Casino in Wood Village, Part II) Gambling Create a gaming tax of 25% of gross revenues for education, state police, and local governments across the state

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