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South Carolina Supreme Court rules illegal gaming machines to be destroyed

South Carolina: The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled on December 19 to uphold a decision to destroy seven video gambling machines, only one of which was proved to have illegal games installed. The Court indicated that the burden of proof was on the accused to show that the other six machines did not contain illegal gaming software, while attorneys for the defense argued that the prosecution should have been required to prove that they did.

The gaming machines were confiscated by the Union County Sheriff's Department after an undercover officer was able to receive a payout after playing, which is not permitted under state law. Video gambling machines have been outlawed in South Carolina since 2000, and the State Law Enforcement Division has seized and destroyed thousands of machines.[1]

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  1. Associated Press "SC high court orders 7 gambling machines destroyed; owners said no proof illegal games played," December 19, 2011