South Carolina Legislative Council

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The South Carolina Legislative Council is a non-partisan legislative service agency serving the members and staff of the South Carolina Legislature.


The Legislative Council is governed by a group of elected officials including the President of the South Carolina State Senate, the Speaker of the South Carolina House of Representatives, the Chairpersons of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees along with the South Carolina Secretary of State[1].

A Code Commissioner is elected by the five member board that oversees the day to day operations of the Legislative Council[1].

Services offered

Bill drafting

The South Carolina Legislative Council does all bill drafting for members of the South Carolina Legislature[1].

Code Revision

Legislative Council serves as the official revisers of the South Carolina code and releases publications annually highlighting revisions to the state's laws[1].

Legal services

Limited legal services are provided by the Legislative Council. Services are limited to subject matter research when needed for bill drafting issues[1].

Legislative library

Legislative Council runs a full legislative reference library including a duplication service for legislators[1].

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