South Dakota 2008 ballot measures

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This table lists ballot measures that may appear on the November 2008 general election ballot in South Dakota, along with their current status.

In the table, "VR" stands for Veto Referendum.

"CI" stands for Citizen Initiative, "CR" stands for "Constitutional Referendum", "BI" stands for "Bond Issue", and "LR" stands for Legislative referral.

Year Initiative Title Subject Matter Description Ballot Status Pass or Fail Yes Votes No Votes
2008 Initiative to Amend Article 4 of the Uniformed Securities Act of 2002 Civil penalties Amend the law concerning civil penalties for broker-dealers, investment advisors, etc, concerning unbusinesslike practices, in a subsection of the law to be referred to as the "South Dakota Small Investors Protection Act Deadline: 4/1/08 - - -