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Seven statewide ballot questions will appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot in South Dakota. Altogether, eight ballot measures will have been on the South Dakota ballot in 2008, since there was also a statewide proposition vote on one measure on June 3.[1]

Only three of November's ballot questions were petitioned onto the ballot. The other four were legislatively-referred to the ballot by the South Dakota State Legislature, including a proposition to end term limits for state legislators.


For a look at how the media in South Dakota feels about these ballot measures, please see endorsements of South Dakota ballot measures.

National overview

On the November 4, 2008 ballot

See also: Petition drive deadlines in 2008 and List of South Dakota ballot measures.

Type Title Subject Description Status
CISS Small Investors Protection Act
Initiated Measure 9
Business regulation Regulate some practices of financial businesses Defeated
CISS Open and Clean Government Act
Initiated Measure 10
Taxpayer-funded lobbying Proposes to end taxpayer-funded lobbying Defeated
CISS Abortion Ban Initiative
Initiated Measure 11
Abortion New restrictions on abortion Defeated
LR Increase Travel Reimbursements for Legislators
Constitutional Amendment G
Administration of government Repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators. Defeated
LR Enact House Bill 1139
Constitutional Amendment H
Business regulation Repeal certain provisions of the State Constitution relating to corporations. Defeated
LR Length of Legislative Session
Constitutional Amendment I
Administration of government Provide for a maximum of forty legislative days each year. Approved
LR Repeal Term Limits
Constitutional Amendment J
Term limits Eliminate term limits for legislators. Defeated

On the ballot for June 3, 2008

Year Type Title Subject Description Status
2008 South Dakota Oil Refinery Initiative (2008) Business Regulation, Land Management Build an Oil Refinery in Union County Passed

Failed to make the 2008 ballot

Year Type Title Subject Description Status
2008 CISS Tax Alcohol Alcohol Increase tax on alcohol, use money to fund programs Not on ballot
2008 CISS Home from Iraq War and peace Would end US occupation in Iraq Not on ballot
2008 CISS Lower the Drinking Age Alcohol Lower drinking age to 19 for drinks containing 3.2% alcohol or less Not on ballot
2008 CISS Kids and Teachers First Education Add a new section to the South Dakota Kids and Teachers First Transparency Act Not on ballot
2008 CISS Protect Private Property Eminent domain Overturn Senate Bill 174 Not on ballot

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