South Dakota Increase Alcohol Tax Initiative (2008)

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The Increase Alcohol Tax Initiative was proposed as an initiated state statute in South Dakota. It was approved for circulation. If slightly over 16,000 valid signatures had been collected by April 1, 2008, it would have been on the November 4, 2008 general election ballot in South Dakota.

The initiative would have impacted 4 areas: to increase the tax on alcoholic beverages by approximately $0.10 per drink, to dedicate the revenue from such tax increase, to create the South Dakota Teen Court Commission, and to create the South Dakota Commission on Equal Access to Our Courts.

There was some controversy surrounding the genesis of this initiative. The South Dakota Association of County Commissioners had tried in previous years to pass these measures directly through the legislature, and failed. This time, they brought the matter directly to the citizens of South Dakota in the hopes that there would have been enough support there to pass the measure.[1]


Failed to collect enough signatures to make the ballot.



  • Small wineries[3]
  • Owners of liquor stores[4]
  • "Lobbyists for the liquor industry said the proposal would unfairly tax people who drink responsibly and would cause many people to drive to other states to buy wine, beer and liquor."[5]

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