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South Dakota Measure to Regulate Gold and Silver Mining (1992)

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South Dakota Issue 2 was on the 1992 ballot in South Dakota as an initiated state statute, where it was approved.
  • Yes: 189,683 Approveda
  • No: 128,109

Text of measure

This proposal would regulate the amount of land disturbed at any one time by a large-scale surface mining operation for gold or silver. The measure prohibits issuing permits to a current mining operation unless it conducts certain reclamation activities on an acre-per-acre basis. The proposed law also prohibits issuing permits to a new mining operation which would disturb more than 320 acres of land, unless it conducts certain reclamation activities on an acre-per-acre basis. Operations could also receive a credit for reclamation of previously mined land not currently covered by a permit.

Required reclamation activities are: A. Reclaim land that was previously surface mined; or B. Agree to not disturb land for which a permit has already been given; or C. Agree to reclaim the affected land as it is being mined, with consent of the Board of Minerals and Environment.

Underground mining operations are not affected. Mine operations which had permits on January 1, 1992, may still disturb such lands, and may request permit amendments to disturb an additional 200 acres, without being subject to this measure.

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