South Dakota Abortion Ban, Referendum 6 (2006)

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South Dakota Referred Law 6, the Abortion Ban Referendum, was on the November 7, 2006 ballot in South Dakota as a veto referendum, where it was defeated.[1]

Election results

South Dakota Measure 6 (2006)
Defeatedd No185,94555.57%
Yes 148,648 44.43%

Election Results via: South Dakota Secretary of State


HB 1215 was enacted by the South Dakota State Legislature and signed by the governor in early 2006; it prohibited all abortions in the state and made it a felony to perform one. Since South Dakota is a state that allows veto referenda, pro-choice opponents of HB 1215 then conducted a successful petition drive to refer the measure to the ballot, so that the state's electorate could render their verdict on it.

Once on the ballot, South Dakota voters rejected HB 1215, with 44.4% of them voting in favor of it. As a result, HB 1215 was nullifed and never took effect.

Subsequent to 2006, the anti-abortion/pro-life group that advocated for HB 1215 collected signatures in 2008 to put a somewhat milder, citizen-initiated, abortion ban on the November 2008 ballot, the South Dakota Abortion Ban Initiative (2008).

Campaign finance

Donors to the campaign for the measure:

  • South Dakotans For 1215/ $2,771,414
  • South Dakota Family Policy 2006 Issue Fund: $123,166
  • Catholic Chancery Office: $17,215
  • National Right to Life Committee, Inc: $6,904
  • Total: $2,918,699

Donors to the campaign against the measure:

  • South Dakota Campaign For Healthy Families: $2,502,390
  • Planned Parenthood MN, ND, SD Action Fund: $856,126
  • Working Assets: $120,497
  • American Civil Liberties Union: $104,797
  • Feminist Majority Foundation: $84,641
  • Focus: South Dakota: $68,195
  • Nix on Six: $15,000
  • Total: $3,751,646
  • Overall Total: $6,670,344

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