South Lake Tahoe Library Parcel Tax, Measure L (June 2014)

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A South Lake Tahoe Library Parcel Tax, Measure L ballot question was on the June 3, 2014 election ballot for voters in the El Dorado County South Lake Tahoe Zone of Benefit in El Dorado County, California, where it was approved.[1]

Measure L was designed to be imposed and collected by El Dorado County in the South Lake Tahoe Zone of Benefit (Zone F) in order to support and fund the South Lake Tahoe library. It replaced an expiring library parcel tax with a tax in the amount of $20 per both improved and unimproved parcel, adjusted for inflation by not more than 3% annually. The Measure G tax was scheduled to begin in the 2015-16 tax year and to last for 12 years.[2]

The South Lake Tahoe Zone of Benefit, in which this tax was designed to take effect and was voted on, included the entire city of South Lake Tahoe, the Meyers-Christmas Valley areas and some other outlying parcels.[3]

The tax that was replaced by the Measure L tax was approved by 82 percent of voters in 2005 and had rates of $18.00 per parcel of improved and unimproved land, $14.40 per apartment unit on a parcel and $9.00 per mobile home on a parcel.[4]

An alternative countywide, library tax measure, also called Measure L, was defeated by voters in 2012. The 2012 measure was not a continuation of a previous parcel tax. It would have also unified the El Dorado County tax system, establishing a parcel tax across all five zones of the county for 15 years.[3]

A similar library tax, Measure G, was also voted on by residents of the El Dorado County Georgetown Zone of Benefit for the Georgetown Lake Tahoe library in the June 2014 election. It was also approved.[2]

A 2/3rds supermajority vote was required for the approval of Measure L.

Election results

Measure L
Approveda Yes 3,548 80.33%
Election results from County of El Dorado Statewide Direct Primary Election

Text of measure

Ballot question

The question on the ballot:[2]

To replace the previous voter-approved expiring library special tax, shall El Dorado County levy the amount of $20.00 annually per parcel (with annual inflation adjustment not to exceed 3%) within County Service Area No. 10 South Lake Tahoe Zone of Benefit, Zone F, for a period of twelve (12) years commencing in fiscal year 2015/16, to preserve continued funding for library services, hours, and operations and help avoid library closure?[5]

Impartial analysis

The following impartial analysis of Measure L was prepared by the office of the county counsel:[4]

Measure L, if approved by 2/3 of the qualified voters voting on the measure, would authorize a special tax on parcels of real property within the South Lake Tahoe Zone of Benefit, Zone F, of County Service Area No. 10 ("Zone"), to be used solely to provide library services and facilities within the Zone ("Library Special Tax").

The proposed new Library Special Tax would replace the expiring special parcel tax and would be used for the same purpose of supporting the county's South Lake Tahoe library. Currently, property owners within the Zone pay a voter approved annual special parcel tax for library services in the amount of $18.00 per parcel of improved and unimproved land, $14.40 per apartment unit on a parcel, and $9.00 per mobile home on a parcel. The existing special parcel tax expires, by its terms, on June 30, 2015.

The proposed new Library Special Tax would be in the amount of $20.00 per year per parcel of improved and unimproved land and $20.00 per year per time share unit, subject to a maximum annual inflation adjustment of 3%, and would be in effect for a period of twelve (12) years, commencing July 1, 2015 and ending June 30, 2027.

The proposed new Library Special Tax will be listed as a separate item on the county property tax bill for each affected parcel of land and time share unit, and will be collected in the same way as the general property tax. All laws applicable to the levy, collection, and enforcement of county property taxes will be applicable to the special tax.

Measure L also requires that an annual report be made to the County Board of Supervisors indicating the amount of funds collected and expended and the status of any project required or authorized to be funded by the proceeds.

This measure was placed on the ballot by Resolution No. 010-2014 of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors.

This measure requires an affirmative vote of 2/3 or more of all qualified voters voting on the measure in order to pass.

A "YES" vote is a vote to authorize the special tax provided in the measure.

A "NO" vote is a vote against the special tax provided in the measure.[5]

—Edward L. Knapp, El Dorado County Counsel[4]



The South Tahoe Association of Realtors, which had a history of opposition to parcel taxes on homeowners, announced its support of Measure L. Executive vice president of the organization, Sharon Kerrigan, speaking of the South Lake Tahoe library, said, “The general consensus is it’s a great community resource."[3]

The following individuals signed the official arguments in favor of Measure L:[4]

  • Natalie Yanish, president of the South Tahoe Association of Realtors Roberta Mason and member of the Lake Tahoe Community College Board of Trustees
  • Norma Santiago, El Dorado County Supervisor, district five
  • Ken Sands, member of the South Lake Tahoe Senior Center and president of Tahoe Basin Senior Center Committee, Inc.
  • Wendy David, member of the Lake Tahoe Unified School District

Arguments in favor

Official arguments

The following official arguments were submitted in support of Measure L:[4]

Support our library. Vote YES on Measure L. Funding for the South Lake Tahoe library, passed by the voters twenty years ago, is about to expire, at a time when reading, technology, education, and literacy are more important than ever before.

For only $20 per year we can maintain the funding that has kept our library open 5 days per week, put new hooks on our shelves, and provide programs that promote the importance of reading for children.

This special tax will continue what the voters previously approved two times.

This measure PROTECTS library funding. It cannot be used on anything else.

All money raised by this special tax will go to the South Lake Tahoe library to pay for books and materials, hours of operation, and library services.

As costs go up, Measure L includes a mechanism to gradually increase our library funding, but the special tax will never exceed $28.50 per parcel. The measure will expire after 12 years.

With these funds our local library will be able to maintain the hours it is open and to purchase new books, Public computers, as well as electronic access through computer or mobile device to e-books, downloadable audio books and popular magazines, will continue. Children's story times and computer availability for visitors, seasonal workers, and local residents not possessing a computer, and other valuable programs, will also continue.

The South Lake Tahoe library is a valuable asset for the community that everyone, young and old, can enjoy. It helps property values. If we truly want our children to value reading, we must make reading and libraries a priority.

Please join us in protecting our library and vote YES on Measure L.[5]

—Natalie Yanish, Roberta Mason, Norma Santiago, Ken Sands and Wendy David[4]


There was no formal opposition campaign against Measure L and no official arguments against it were submitted by the deadline.[3]

If you have an argument that you would like to see posted here, please email Ballotpedia's local ballot measures staff writer.

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