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Special election heads to general election in Massachusetts

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June 24, 2013


By Jennifer Springer

Boston, Massachusetts: Longtime Rep. Ed Markey will face off against political newcomer Gabriel Gomez in the U.S. Senate special election in Massachusetts tomorrow. [1][2][3] The victor will fill the seat vacated by John Kerry earlier this year when he was confirmed as U.S. Secretary of State.[1] Polls will be open from 7 am until 8 pm ET.[4]

On January 30, 2013, Mo Cowan was appointed by Gov. Deval Patrick to fill the vacancy. Cowan, a Democrat who previously served as Patrick's Chief of Staff, will serve as interim Senator until voters choose Kerry's official successor in the special general election tomorrow.[5][6][7]

Democratic nominee Ed Markey, who has served in the U.S. House since 1976, was the first candidate to announce his intention to run for the Senate seat, and immediately gained the backing of the powerful Democratic establishment, including Kerry and Victoria Kennedy, the wife of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, as well as President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice-President Joe Biden, former Vice-President Al Gore and former President Bill Clinton.[8][9]

Republican nominee Gabriel Gomez is a newcomer to politics.[10] The son of Colombian immigrants, Gomez became a Navy pilot and SEAL, earned an MBA at Harvard and launched a private equity career.[10] He was virtually unknown in Massachusetts politics before announcing his plan to run for Kerry's seat earlier this year.[11][11] Gomez also had a national political figure campaign for him, as Senator John McCain came to Massachusetts to support Gomez.[9][12]

Three general election debates between Markey and Gomez took place. A June 5 debate took place in Boston sponsored by WBZ-TV and Boston Globe, with two other debates taking place on June 11 in western Massachusetts sponsored by Western Mass Media and on June 18 sponsored by a consortium of Boston media outlets.[13][14][15]

Consistently, polling throughout the race showed Markey with a lead over challenger Gabriel Gomez.

Even in Massachusetts, a deeply "blue" state, surprises can happen in elections that do not feature presidential levels of voter turnout.[16] Four of the last six governors have been Republicans, and in 2010 Scott Brown shook the political world with his upset special election victory.[16] He went on to lose his re-election bid in 2012, as Barack Obama swept the state.[16] The similarities between the 2010 election and the current special election, between a seasoned, longtime Democrat facing off against a young, fresh-faced Republican with no political experience, caused Democrats to vow not to commit the same mistakes this second time around, in an effort to avoid another election upset.[17]

In the final pre-election fundraising report, Markey maintained his fundraising lead over Gomez, outspending him by nearly $4 million.[18] On June 21, 2013, just days before the June 25th general special election, Gabriel Gomez’s campaign put an additional $300,000 behind its latest television ad, as the result of a fund-raising surge in the campaign’s closing days.[19] Gomez adviser Lenny Alcivar said the infusion brought in cash the campaign did not expect to have, and he pointed to Gomez’s performance in the final debate on June 18 as a motivation for donors.[19]

Voter turnout is likely to be lower than the 2010 special election that sent Republican Scott Brown to the Senate.[20][21]

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