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==Other studies & analysis==
==Other studies & analysis==
* [[Features of official voter guides, compared by state]]
* [[Features of official voter guides, compared by state]]
* [[California ballot propositions that were approved with a vote of 80% or more]]
* [[Voter turnout and registration in Texas]]
* [http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/images/MissouriReport2010.pdf Missouri 2010 report]
<big>'''Reports from the road:'''</big>
* [[2011 Briefing Tour of the American West]]
* [[2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy]]
* [[IRI Europe's Briefing Tour to Switzerland, June 10-15 (2010)]]
* [[The Ballotpedia Travel Journal]]
=The Tuesday Count=
=The Tuesday Count=

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State ballot measure reports is a page that lists reports by Ballotpedia staff about state measures.

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Election reports

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The Breakdown series




Other studies & analysis

Reports from the road:

Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2016Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2015Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2014Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2013Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2012Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2011Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count for 2010

Weekly Tuesday Count articles

The links below are Tuesday Count reports published every Tuesday at 4 pm CT. Only the most recent 25 reports are listed. To view all the reports, please visit Tuesday Count.

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