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This page contains news stories written by Ballotpedia writers about the state executive elections in 2012.

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Ballotpedia's 2012 General Election Review Articles: Pennsylvania State Executive Officials

By Maresa Strano

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HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania: Three state executive offices were up for election in Pennsylvania this year: attorney general, state treasurer, and auditor general.

Incumbent State Treasurer Rob McCord (D) ran for and won re-election in 2012. As for the other two incumbents whose seats were up for election:

  • Pennsylvania Attorney General Linda Kelly (R) is stepping aside upon the expiration of the term she was appointed to by now Governor Tom Corbett. Kelly's Senate confirmation in 2010 was predicated on a "gentleman's agreement," a staple of Pennsylvania state politics, whereby state-row appointees pledge to not seek a full term to the position in the subsequent election cycle. She will be succeeded by Democrat Kathleen Kane on January 15, 2013. Kane defeated David Freed (R) with over 56% of the vote. She is the first female and first Democrat to be elected attorney general in Pennsylvania.[1]
  • Two term auditor general Jack Wagner (D) could not run this year due to term limits. Pennsylvania State Representative Eugene DePasquale (D) was elected to replace Wagner as the state's top financial watchdog.

Here are the candidates who won election.[2]

Office Incumbent General Election Candidates 2015 Winner Partisan Switch?
Attorney General Linda Kelly
Linda Kelly.jpg
Democratic Party Kathleen Kane
Republican Party David Freed
Libertarian Party Marakay Rogers
Democratic Party Kathleen Kane Yes
Treasurer Rob McCord
Rob McCord.jpg
Democratic Party Rob McCord
Republican Party Diana Irey Vaughan
Libertarian Party Patricia Fryman
Democratic Party Rob McCord No
Auditor Jack Wagner
Democratic PartyEugene DePasquale
Republican Party John Maher
Libertarian PartyBetsy Summers
Democratic Party Eugene DePasquale No

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