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{{State executive offices}}
{{State executive offices}}
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[[Category:Ballotpedia reports]]

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State executive official reports highlights reports by Ballotpedia staff about the states' executive branch, including but not limited to Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Below you will find links to analysis, featured articles, elections and more. This page is automatically updated each time a new report is published.

Ballotpedia's State Executive Officials project is managed by Kristen Mathews. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail Kristen at stateexecutives@ballotpedia.org.

Portal:State Executive Officials
1 Analysis
1.1 Features of gubernatorial offices
2 Filing deadline reports
2.1 2012
3 Projected outcome reports
3.1 2012
3.2 2011

This tab features unique analysis about state executives as well as election news articles (previews and aftermath reports).


Features of gubernatorial offices

Filing deadline reports

See also: Filing deadline information for State Executive Official elections

The day following each state's candidate filing deadline, Ballotpedia staff produce a report that details each of the state executive races.



Projected outcome reports

Main page: Ballotpedia's election racetracking methodology

Ballotpedia provides projected outcomes for state executive elections as they approach the November elections. For each of the state races, the expected outcome is displayed in 1 of 7 classifications. In some cases, the only two highly relevant pieces of information that are available to allow an assessment are (a) how the statewide electorate voted in the 2008 presidential election and (b) the most recent election outcome for the specific office. However, if available, other information is also taken into account. For example: campaign fundraising, polls for the office or key or surprising endorsements. Read more about Ballotpedia's methodology here.



Main page: Projected outcomes of 2011 state executive official elections
State executive offices

GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner

By state

Click "show" to see all state executive offices by state.

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