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View our coverage of [[State executive official elections, 2014|2014 state executive elections]].
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===Historical Election Coverage===
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Three states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2013.
Three states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2013.
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*[[List of candidates running in state executive elections, 2013|List of all candidates]]
*[[List of candidates running in state executive elections, 2013|List of all candidates]]
Twenty-two states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2012.
Twenty-two states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2012.
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*[[List of candidates running in state executive general elections, 2012|List of general election candidates]]
*[[List of candidates running in state executive general elections, 2012|List of general election candidates]]
Click on a state to learn more about that state's 2011 elections.  
Click on a state to learn more about that state's 2011 elections.  

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State executive official reports highlights reports by Ballotpedia staff about the states' executive branch, including but not limited to Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General.

Below you will find links to analysis, featured articles, elections and more. This page is automatically updated each time a new report is published.

Ballotpedia's State Executive Officials project is managed by Kristen Mathews. If you have any questions or comments please e-mail Kristen at stateexecutives@ballotpedia.org.

Portal:State Executive Officials
1 Analysis
1.1 Features of gubernatorial offices
2 Filing deadline reports
2.1 2012
3 Projected outcome reports
3.1 2012
3.2 2011

This tab features unique analysis about state executives as well as election news articles (previews and aftermath reports).


Features of gubernatorial offices

Filing deadline reports

See also: Filing deadline information for State Executive Official elections

The day following each state's candidate filing deadline, Ballotpedia staff produce a report that details each of the state executive races.




Projected outcome reports

Main page: Ballotpedia's election racetracking methodology

Ballotpedia provides projected outcomes for state executive elections as they approach the November elections. For each of the state races, the expected outcome is displayed in 1 of 7 classifications. In some cases, the only two highly relevant pieces of information that are available to allow an assessment are (a) how the statewide electorate voted in the 2008 presidential election and (b) the most recent election outcome for the specific office. However, if available, other information is also taken into account. For example: campaign fundraising, polls for the office or key or surprising endorsements. Read more about Ballotpedia's methodology here.



Main page: Projected outcomes of 2011 state executive official elections


View our coverage of 2014 state executive elections.

Historical Election Coverage


Three states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2013.

NevadaUtahColoradoNew MexicoArizonaMontanaCaliforniaOregonWashingtonIdahoOklahomaKansasNebraskaSouth DakotaNorth DakotaIowaMissouriArkansasLouisianaAlabamaGeorgiaFloridaSouth CarolinaIllinoisTennesseeNorth CarolinaIndianaOhioMaineVirginiaNew JerseyVermontVermontMarylandWashington, D.C.New JerseyRhode IslandRhode IslandMarylandMassachusettsMassachusettsMichiganMichiganAlaskaHawaiiWyomingTexasMississippiMinnesotaWisconsinKentuckyWest VirginiaPennsylvaniaDelawareDelawareConnecticutConnecticutNew YorkNew HampshireNew Hampshire2013 SEO election map.png


Twenty-two states held executive elections. Click on a state to learn more about which state executive officials were on the ballot in 2012.

NevadaUtah state executive official elections, 2012ColoradoNew Mexico state executive official elections, 2012Arizona state executive official elections, 2012Montana state executive official elections, 2012CaliforniaOregon state executive official elections, 2012Washington state executive official elections, 2012IdahoOklahoma state executive official elections, 2012KansasNebraska state executive official elections, 2012South Dakota state executive official elections, 2012North Dakota state executive official elections, 2012IowaMissouri state executive official elections, 2012ArkansasLouisiana state executive official elections, 2012Alabama state executive official elections, 2012Georgia state executive official elections, 2012FloridaSouth CarolinaIllinoisTennesseeNorth Carolina state executive official elections, 2012Indiana state executive official elections, 2012OhioMaineVirginiaNew JerseyVermont state executive official elections, 2012Vermont state executive official elections, 2012MarylandWashington, D.C.New JerseyRhode IslandRhode IslandMarylandMassachusettsMassachusettsMichiganMichiganAlaskaHawaiiWyomingTexas state executive official elections, 2012MississippiMinnesotaWisconsinKentuckyWest Virginia state executive official elections, 2012Pennsylvania state executive official elections, 2012DelawareDelawareConnecticutConnecticutNew YorkNew Hampshire state executive official elections, 2012New Hampshire state executive official elections, 20122012SEO.png


Click on a state to learn more about that state's 2011 elections.

NevadaUtahColoradoNew MexicoArizonaMontanaCaliforniaOregonWashingtonIdahoOklahomaKansasNebraskaSouth DakotaNorth DakotaIowaMissouriArkansasLouisiana state executive official elections, 2011AlabamaGeorgiaFloridaSouth CarolinaIllinoisTennesseeNorth CarolinaIndianaOhioMaineVirginiaNew JerseyVermontVermontMarylandRhode IslandRhode IslandMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMichiganAlaskaHawaiiWyomingTexasMississippi state executive official elections, 2011MinnesotaWisconsinKentucky state executive official elections, 2011West Virginia state executive official elections, 2011PennsylvaniaDelawareDelawareConnecticutConnecticutNew YorkNew HampshireNew HampshireSEO map 2011.png
State executive offices

GovernorLt. GovernorSecretary of StateAttorney GeneralTreasurerAuditorSuperintendent of SchoolsInsurance CommissionerControllerAgriculture CommissionerNatural Resources CommissionerLabor CommissionerPublic Services Commissioner

By state

State Offices
Alabama Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture and IndustriesAlabama Commissioner of Conservation and Natural ResourcesAlabama Commissioner of InsuranceAlabama Commissioner of LaborAlabama Public Service CommissionAlabama Secretary of StateAlabama State AuditorAlabama Superintendent of EducationAlabama TreasurerAttorney General of AlabamaGovernor of AlabamaLieutenant Governor of Alabama
Alaska Alaska Commissioner of EducationAlaska Commissioner of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentAlaska Commissioner of Natural ResourcesAlaska Commissioner of the Department of RevenueAlaska ComptrollerAlaska Director of AgricultureAlaska Director of InsuranceAlaska Regulatory CommissionAttorney General of AlaskaGovernor of AlaskaLieutenant Governor of Alaska
Arizona Arizona Commissioner of LandsArizona Corporation CommissionArizona Director of AgricultureArizona Director of InsuranceArizona Secretary of StateArizona State Mine InspectorArizona Superintendent of Public InstructionArizona TreasurerAttorney General of ArizonaDirector of the Industrial Commission of ArizonaGovernor of Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas Auditor of StateArkansas Commissioner of EducationArkansas Commissioner of InsuranceArkansas Director of LaborArkansas Executive Director of Natural Resources CommissionArkansas Public Service CommissionArkansas Secretary of AgricultureArkansas Secretary of StateArkansas TreasurerAttorney General of ArkansasGovernor of ArkansasLieutenant Governor of Arkansas
California Attorney General of CaliforniaCalifornia Commissioner of InsuranceCalifornia ControllerCalifornia Director of Industrial RelationsCalifornia Public Utilities CommissionCalifornia Secretary for Natural ResourcesCalifornia Secretary of AgricultureCalifornia Secretary of StateCalifornia State AuditorCalifornia Superintendent of Public InstructionCalifornia TreasurerGovernor of CaliforniaLieutenant Governor of California
Colorado Attorney General of ColoradoColorado Commissioner of AgricultureColorado Commissioner of EducationColorado Commissioner of InsuranceColorado ControllerColorado Executive Director of Labor and EmploymentColorado Executive Director of Natural ResourcesColorado Public Utilities CommissionColorado Secretary of StateColorado TreasurerGovernor of ColoradoLieutenant Governor of Colorado
Connecticut Attorney General of ConnecticutConnecticut Commissioner of AgricultureConnecticut Commissioner of EducationConnecticut Commissioner of Energy and Environmental ProtectionConnecticut Commissioner of InsuranceConnecticut Commissioner of LaborConnecticut ComptrollerConnecticut Public Utilities Regulatory AuthorityConnecticut Secretary of StateConnecticut TreasurerGovernor of ConnecticutLieutenant Governor of Connecticut
Delaware Attorney General of DelawareDelaware Insurance CommissionerDelaware Public Service CommissionDelaware Secretary of AgricultureDelaware Secretary of EducationDelaware Secretary of LaborDelaware Secretary of Natural Resources and Environmental ControlDelaware Secretary of StateDelaware State AuditorDelaware TreasurerGovernor of DelawareLieutenant Governor of Delaware
Florida Attorney General of FloridaFlorida Chief Financial OfficerFlorida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesFlorida Commissioner of EducationFlorida Commissioner of Insurance RegulationFlorida Executive Director of the Department of Economic OpportunityFlorida Public Service CommissionFlorida Secretary of Environmental ProtectionFlorida Secretary of StateGovernor of FloridaLieutenant Governor of Florida
Georgia Attorney General of GeorgiaGeorgia Commissioner of AgricultureGeorgia Commissioner of LaborGeorgia Commissioner of Natural ResourcesGeorgia Insurance and Safety Fire CommissionerGeorgia Public Service CommissionGeorgia Secretary of StateGeorgia State AuditorGeorgia State Superintendent of SchoolsGeorgia TreasurerGovernor of GeorgiaLieutenant Governor of Georgia
Hawaii Attorney General of HawaiiGovernor of HawaiiHawaii Chairperson of Land and Natural ResourcesHawaii Commissioner of AgricultureHawaii Director of Commerce and Consumer AffairsHawaii Director of FinanceHawaii Director of Labor and Industrial RelationsHawaii Public Utilities CommissionHawaii State AuditorHawaii Superintendent of EducationLieutenant Governor of Hawaii
Idaho Attorney General of IdahoGovernor of IdahoIdaho ControllerIdaho Director of AgricultureIdaho Director of InsuranceIdaho Director of LaborIdaho Director of LandsIdaho Public Utilities CommissionIdaho Secretary of StateIdaho Superintendent of Public InstructionIdaho TreasurerLieutenant Governor of Idaho
Illinois Attorney General of IllinoisGovernor of IllinoisIllinois Auditor GeneralIllinois Commerce CommissionIllinois ComptrollerIllinois Director of AgricultureIllinois Director of InsuranceIllinois Director of LaborIllinois Director of Natural ResourcesIllinois Secretary of StateIllinois Superintendent of EducationIllinois TreasurerLieutenant Governor of Illinois
Indiana Attorney General of IndianaGovernor of IndianaIndiana Auditor of StateIndiana Commissioner of InsuranceIndiana Commissioner of LaborIndiana Director of AgricultureIndiana Director of Natural ResourcesIndiana Secretary of StateIndiana State ExaminerIndiana Superintendent of Public InstructionIndiana TreasurerIndiana Utility Regulatory CommissionLieutenant Governor of Indiana
Iowa Attorney General of IowaGeri HuserGovernor of IowaIowa Auditor of StateIowa Commissioner of InsuranceIowa Commissioner of LaborIowa Director of EducationIowa Director of Natural ResourcesIowa Secretary of AgricultureIowa Secretary of StateIowa Treasurer of StateIowa Utilities BoardLieutenant Governor of Iowa
Kansas Attorney General of KansasGovernor of KansasKansas Commissioner of EducationKansas Commissioner of InsuranceKansas Corporation CommissionKansas Secretary of AgricultureKansas Secretary of LaborKansas Secretary of StateKansas Secretary of Wildlife and ParksKansas TreasurerLieutenant Governor of Kansas
Kentucky Attorney General of KentuckyGovernor of KentuckyKentucky Auditor of Public AccountsKentucky Commissioner of AgricultureKentucky Commissioner of EducationKentucky Commissioner of InsuranceKentucky Commissioner of Natural ResourcesKentucky Public Service CommissionKentucky Secretary of Labor CabinetKentucky Secretary of StateKentucky State TreasurerLieutenant Governor of Kentucky
Louisiana Attorney General of LouisianaGovernor of LouisianaLieutenant Governor of LouisianaLouisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and ForestryLouisiana Commissioner of InsuranceLouisiana Executive Director of the Workforce CommissionLouisiana Public Service CommissionLouisiana Secretary of Natural ResourcesLouisiana Secretary of StateLouisiana State TreasurerLouisiana Superintendent of Education
Maine Attorney General of MaineGovernor of MaineMaine Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and ForestryMaine Commissioner of EducationMaine Commissioner of LaborMaine Public Utilities CommissionMaine Secretary of StateMaine State AuditorMaine Superintendent of InsuranceMaine Treasurer
Maryland Attorney General of MarylandGovernor of MarylandLieutenant Governor of MarylandMaryland Commissioner of InsuranceMaryland ComptrollerMaryland Public Service CommissionMaryland Secretary of AgricultureMaryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and RegulationMaryland Secretary of Natural ResourcesMaryland Secretary of StateMaryland Superintendent of SchoolsMaryland Treasurer
Massachusetts Attorney General of MassachusettsGovernor of MassachusettsLieutenant Governor of MassachusettsMassachusetts Auditor of the CommonwealthMassachusetts Commissioner of AgricultureMassachusetts Commissioner of InsuranceMassachusetts Public Utilities CommissionMassachusetts Secretary of EducationMassachusetts Secretary of Energy and Environmental AffairsMassachusetts Secretary of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentMassachusetts Secretary of StateMassachusetts Treasurer
Michigan Attorney General of MichiganGovernor of MichiganLieutenant Governor of MichiganMichigan Auditor GeneralMichigan Commissioner of InsuranceMichigan Director of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentMichigan Director of Licensing and Regulatory AffairsMichigan Director of Natural ResourcesMichigan Public Service CommissionMichigan Secretary of StateMichigan Superintendent of Public InstructionMichigan Treasurer
Minnesota Attorney General of MinnesotaGovernor of MinnesotaLieutenant Governor of MinnesotaMinnesota Commissioner of AgricultureMinnesota Commissioner of CommerceMinnesota Commissioner of EducationMinnesota Commissioner of Labor and IndustryMinnesota Commissioner of Management and BudgetMinnesota Commissioner of Natural ResourcesMinnesota Public Utilities CommissionMinnesota Secretary of StateMinnesota State Auditor
Mississippi Governor of MississippiLieutenant Governor of MississippiMississippi Attorney GeneralMississippi Commissioner of Agriculture and CommerceMississippi Commissioner of InsuranceMississippi Executive Director of Employment SecurityMississippi Executive Director of Environmental QualityMississippi Public Service CommissionMississippi Secretary of StateMississippi State AuditorMississippi Superintendent of EducationMississippi Treasurer
Missouri Attorney General of MissouriGovernor of MissouriLieutenant Governor of MissouriMissouri Commissioner of EducationMissouri Director of AgricultureMissouri Director of InsuranceMissouri Director of Labor & Industrial RelationsMissouri Director of Natural ResourcesMissouri Public Service CommissionMissouri Secretary of StateMissouri State AuditorMissouri Treasurer
Montana Attorney General of MontanaGovernor of MontanaLieutenant Governor of MontanaMontana Commissioner of Labor and IndustryMontana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, State AuditorMontana Director of AgricultureMontana Director of Natural Resources and ConservationMontana Director of the Department of RevenueMontana Public Service CommissionMontana Secretary of StateMontana Superintendent of Public Instruction
Nebraska Attorney General of NebraskaGovernor of NebraskaLieutenant Governor of NebraskaNebraska Auditor of Public AccountsNebraska Commissioner of EducationNebraska Director of AgricultureNebraska Director of Economic DevelopmentNebraska Director of InsuranceNebraska Director of Natural ResourcesNebraska Public Service CommissionNebraska Secretary of StateNebraska Treasurer
Nevada Attorney General of NevadaGovernor of NevadaLieutenant Governor of NevadaNevada Commissioner of InsuranceNevada Commissioner of LaborNevada ControllerNevada Director of AgricultureNevada Director of Conservation and Natural ResourcesNevada Director of Employment, Training and RehabilitationNevada Public Utilities CommissionNevada Secretary of StateNevada State TreasurerNevada Superintendent of Public Instruction
New Hampshire Attorney General of New HampshireGovernor of New HampshireNew Hampshire Commissioner of AgricultureNew Hampshire Commissioner of EducationNew Hampshire Commissioner of InsuranceNew Hampshire Commissioner of LaborNew Hampshire Executive Director of Fish and GameNew Hampshire Public Utilities CommissionNew Hampshire Secretary of StateNew Hampshire Treasurer
New Jersey Attorney General of New JerseyGovernor of New JerseyLieutenant Governor of New JerseyNew Jersey Commissioner of Banking and InsuranceNew Jersey Commissioner of EducationNew Jersey Commissioner of Environmental ProtectionNew Jersey Commissioner of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentNew Jersey ComptrollerNew Jersey Public Utilities BoardNew Jersey Secretary of AgricultureNew Jersey Secretary of StateNew Jersey Treasurer
New Mexico Attorney General of New MexicoGovernor of New MexicoLieutenant Governor of New MexicoNew Mexico Commissioner of Public LandsNew Mexico Public Education CommissionNew Mexico Public Regulation CommissionNew Mexico Secretary of AgricultureNew Mexico Secretary of EducationNew Mexico Secretary of Energy, Minerals and Natural ResourcesNew Mexico Secretary of StateNew Mexico Secretary of Workforce SolutionsNew Mexico State AuditorNew Mexico Superintendent of InsuranceNew Mexico Treasurer
New York

Attorney General of New YorkGovernor of New YorkLieutenant Governor of New YorkNew York Commissioner of AgricultureNew York Commissioner of EducationNew York Commissioner of Environmental ConservationNew York Commissioner of LaborNew York ComptrollerNew York Public Service CommissionNew York Secretary of StateNew York Superintendent of Financial ServicesNew York Superintendent of Insurance

North Carolina Attorney General of North CarolinaGovernor of North CarolinaLieutenant Governor of North CarolinaNorth Carolina Commissioner of AgricultureNorth Carolina Commissioner of InsuranceNorth Carolina Commissioner of LaborNorth Carolina Secretary of Environment and Natural ResourcesNorth Carolina Secretary of StateNorth Carolina State AuditorNorth Carolina Superintendent of Public InstructionNorth Carolina TreasurerNorth Carolina Utilities Commission
North Dakota Attorney General of North DakotaGovernor of North DakotaLieutenant Governor of North DakotaNorth Dakota Commissioner of AgricultureNorth Dakota Commissioner of InsuranceNorth Dakota Commissioner of LaborNorth Dakota Director of Game and FishNorth Dakota Public Service CommissionNorth Dakota Secretary of StateNorth Dakota State AuditorNorth Dakota Superintendent of Public InstructionNorth Dakota Tax CommissionerNorth Dakota Treasurer
Ohio Attorney General of OhioGovernor of OhioLieutenant Governor of OhioOhio Auditor of StateOhio Director of AgricultureOhio Director of InsuranceOhio Director of Natural ResourcesOhio Public Utilities CommissionOhio Secretary of StateOhio Superintendent of Industrial Compliance and LaborOhio Superintendent of Public InstructionOhio Treasurer
Oklahoma Attorney General of OklahomaGovernor of OklahomaLieutenant Governor of OklahomaOklahoma Commissioner of AgricultureOklahoma Commissioner of InsuranceOklahoma Commissioner of LaborOklahoma Corporation CommissionOklahoma Director of Wildlife ConservationOklahoma Secretary of StateOklahoma State Auditor and InspectorOklahoma Superintendent of Public InstructionOklahoma Treasurer
Oregon Attorney General of OregonGovernor of OregonOregon Audits DirectorOregon Commissioner of InsuranceOregon Commissioner of Labor and IndustriesOregon Director of AgricultureOregon Director of Fish and WildlifeOregon Public Utility CommissionOregon Secretary of StateOregon Superintendent of Public InstructionOregon Treasurer
Pennsylvania Attorney General of PennsylvaniaGovernor of PennsylvaniaLieutenant Governor of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Auditor GeneralPennsylvania Commissioner of InsurancePennsylvania Public Utility CommissionPennsylvania Secretary of AgriculturePennsylvania Secretary of Conservation and Natural ResourcesPennsylvania Secretary of EducationPennsylvania Secretary of Labor & IndustryPennsylvania Secretary of StatePennsylvania Treasurer
Rhode Island Attorney General of Rhode IslandGovernor of Rhode IslandLieutenant Governor of Rhode IslandRhode Island Commissioner of AgricultureRhode Island Commissioner of EducationRhode Island Director of Business RegulationRhode Island Director of Environmental ManagementRhode Island Director of LaborRhode Island General TreasurerRhode Island Public Utilities CommissionRhode Island Secretary of State
South Carolina Attorney General of South CarolinaGovernor of South CarolinaLieutenant Governor of South CarolinaSouth Carolina Adjutant GeneralSouth Carolina Commissioner of AgricultureSouth Carolina Comptroller GeneralSouth Carolina Director of InsuranceSouth Carolina Director of Labor, Licensing and RegulationSouth Carolina Director of Natural ResourcesSouth Carolina Inspector GeneralSouth Carolina Public Service CommissionSouth Carolina Secretary of StateSouth Carolina State AuditorSouth Carolina Superintendent of EducationSouth Carolina Treasurer
South Dakota Attorney General of South DakotaGovernor of South DakotaLieutenant Governor of South DakotaSouth Dakota Director of InsuranceSouth Dakota Public Utilities CommissionSouth Dakota Secretary of AgricultureSouth Dakota Secretary of EducationSouth Dakota Secretary of Environment and Natural ResourcesSouth Dakota Secretary of Labor and RegulationSouth Dakota Secretary of StateSouth Dakota State AuditorSouth Dakota Treasurer
Tennessee Attorney General of TennesseeGovernor of TennesseeLieutenant Governor of TennesseeTennessee Commissioner of AgricultureTennessee Commissioner of EducationTennessee Commissioner of Environment & ConservationTennessee Commissioner of InsuranceTennessee Commissioner of Labor and Workforce DevelopmentTennessee Comptroller of the TreasuryTennessee Regulatory AuthorityTennessee Secretary of StateTennessee Treasurer
Texas Attorney General of TexasGovernor of TexasLieutenant Governor of TexasTexas Commissioner of AgricultureTexas Commissioner of EducationTexas Commissioner of InsuranceTexas Comptroller of Public AccountsTexas Land CommissionerTexas Public Utility CommissionTexas Railroad CommissionTexas Secretary of StateTexas State AuditorTexas Workforce Commission
Utah Attorney General of UtahGovernor of UtahLieutenant Governor of UtahUtah Commissioner of Agriculture and FoodUtah Commissioner of InsuranceUtah Commissioner of LaborUtah Director of Natural ResourcesUtah Public Service CommissionUtah State AuditorUtah Superintendent of Public InstructionUtah Treasurer
Vermont Attorney General of VermontGovernor of VermontLieutenant Governor of VermontVermont Commissioner of InsuranceVermont Commissioner of LaborVermont Public Service BoardVermont Secretary of Agriculture, Food & MarketsVermont Secretary of EducationVermont Secretary of Natural ResourcesVermont Secretary of StateVermont State AuditorVermont Treasurer
Virginia Attorney General of VirginiaGovernor of VirginiaLieutenant Governor of VirginiaVirginia Commissioner of InsuranceVirginia Commissioner of Labor and IndustryVirginia Secretary of Agriculture and ForestryVirginia Secretary of Natural ResourcesVirginia Secretary of StateVirginia State Corporation CommissionVirginia Superintendent of Public InstructionVirginia Treasurer
Washington Attorney General of WashingtonGovernor of WashingtonLieutenant Governor of WashingtonWashington Commissioner of InsuranceWashington Commissioner of Public LandsWashington Director of AgricultureWashington Director of Labor and IndustriesWashington Secretary of StateWashington State AuditorWashington Superintendent of Public InstructionWashington TreasurerWashington Utilities and Transportation Commission
West Virginia Attorney General of West VirginiaGovernor of West VirginiaLieutenant Governor of West VirginiaWest Virginia Commissioner of AgricultureWest Virginia Commissioner of InsuranceWest Virginia Commissioner of LaborWest Virginia Director of Natural ResourcesWest Virginia Public Service CommissionWest Virginia Secretary of CommerceWest Virginia Secretary of StateWest Virginia State AuditorWest Virginia Superintendent of SchoolsWest Virginia Treasurer
Wisconsin Attorney General of WisconsinGovernor of WisconsinLieutenant Governor of WisconsinWisconsin Commissioner of InsuranceWisconsin Public Service CommissionWisconsin Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer ProtectionWisconsin Secretary of Natural ResourcesWisconsin Secretary of StateWisconsin Secretary of Workforce DevelopmentWisconsin Superintendent of Public InstructionWisconsin Treasurer
Wyoming Attorney General of WyomingGovernor of WyomingWyoming Commissioner of InsuranceWyoming Department of Audit DirectorWyoming Director of AgricultureWyoming Director of Workforce ServicesWyoming Director of the Department of EducationWyoming Public Service CommissionWyoming Secretary of StateWyoming State AuditorWyoming Superintendent of Public InstructionWyoming Treasurer

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