State legislative elections, 2013

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In the 50 states, there are 99 state legislative chambers altogether, and 2 of the 99 chambers will hold state legislative elections on November 5, 2013.

The 3 chambers with elections in 2013 are in 2 states. they are:

Louisiana and Mississippi also typically hold elections in odd years. However, legislators are elected to 4-year terms in those states and those will not be up for election again until 2015.

40 of the country's 1,971 state senate seats are up for re-election in November 2013, and 180 of the country's 5,413 state house seats are up for re-election. Altogether, 220 of the country's 7,384 state legislative seats are up for re-election on November 5, 2013.

New Jersey

Elections will be held in all 40 of New Jersey's senate districts on November 5, 2013.


Virginia will not hold any state senate elections in 2013.