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(2014 State of the State Addresses)
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*''Wyoming: February 10, 2014''
*''Wyoming: February 10, 2014''
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==Historical State of the State Addresses==
==Historical State of the State Addresses==

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Each year, governors in nearly every U.S. state deliver a speech most commonly called the State of the State Address before both houses of the state legislature sitting in joint session, with the exception of the Nebraska Legislature, which is a unicameral body. Known in Iowa as the Condition of the State Address, and as the State of the Commonwealth Address in Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, this annual, or regular, report from the governor on the condition and outlook of a state is a constitutional directive in all 50 states.

State of the State Addresses are given annually, or regularly, by the governor in every U.S. state.

2014 State of the State Addresses

Historical State of the State Addresses

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