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{{Senators elected by year DPL|Year=1982}}
{{Senators elected by year DPL|Year=1982}}

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In the 50 American states, there are a total of 1,971 state senators.

This list sorts them according to the year they were first elected or appointed to their current office.

  • If a current state senator on this list previously held a different elective office, this list does not sort that person based on his or her year of election to the office held earlier. Rather, it sorts the senator only by the year of election/appointment to a currently-held position of state senator.
  • If a state senator served in office, left for a time, and then was elected again, that person is sorted by the year they were first elected.
  • In some states, senators are sworn-in to office the year that they were elected. In other states, they assume office (are sworn in) the following year, typically in January. Senators are sorted below based on the year they were appointed or elected, not on the year they were sworn in.
See also: State representatives sorted by year first elected


  1. Fred Risser (D) from Wisconsin State Senate District 26.


  1. Dave Nething (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 12.


  1. Diane Bilyeu (D) from Idaho State Senate District 29.
  2. William Doyle (Vermont) (R) from Vermont Senate Washington District.




  1. Bill Raggio (R) from Nevada State Senate Washoe 3 District.
  2. Caesar Trunzo (R) from New York State Senate, District 3.


  1. John McBurney (D) from Rhode Island State Senate District 15.
  2. Thomas Mike Miller, Jr. (Maryland) (D) from Maryland State Senate District 27.


  1. Charles Colgan (D) from Virginia Senate District 29.


  1. Harris McDowell (D) from Delaware State Senate District 1.
  2. Hugh Farley (R) from New York Senate District 49.
  3. John Pinto (D) from New Mexico Senate District 3.
  4. Kenneth LaValle (R) from New York Senate District 1.
  5. Nikki Setzler (D) from South Carolina State Senate District 26.
  6. Ray Holmberg (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 17.


Hinton Mitchem, first elected to the Alabama State Senate in 1978
  1. Martin Connor (D) from New York State Senate, District 25.
  2. Robert Marshall (D) from Delaware State Senate District 3.
  3. Stewart Greenleaf (R) from Pennsylvania State Senate District 12.
  4. Timothy Jennings (D) from New Mexico Senate District 32.


  1. Dick Saslaw (D) from Virginia Senate District 35.
  2. Tommy Gollott (R) from Mississippi State Senate, District 50.


Vincent Illuzzi, first elected to the New York State Senate in 1980
  1. David McBride (D) from Delaware State Senate District 13.
  2. Harvey Peeler (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 14.
  3. Hugh Leatherman (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 31.
  4. Keith Langseth (D) from Minnesota State Senate District 9.
  5. Vincent Illuzzi (R) from Vermont Senate Essex-Orleans District.


  1. Gerald Cardinale (R) from New Jersey State Senate District 39.
  2. Richard Codey (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 27.


  1. Charles Scott (Wyoming) (R) from Wyoming State Senate District 30.
  2. Denton Darrington (R) from Idaho State Senate District 27.
  3. Frederick Berry (D) from Massachusetts State Senate Second Essex.
  4. Gen Olson (R) from Minnesota State Senate District 33.
  5. Henry Sanders (D) from Alabama State Senate District 23.
  6. Jim Kyle () from .
  7. John Whitmire (D) from Texas State Senate, District 15.
  8. Joseph Zakas (R) from Indiana State Senate District 11.
  9. LeRoy Stumpf (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 1.
  10. Patricia L. Miller (R) from Indiana State Senate District 32.
  11. Randolph Townsend (R) from Nevada Gaming Commission.


  1. Hob Bryan (D) from Mississippi State Senate, District 7.
  2. Raymond Lesniak (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 20.


  1. Carlos Cisneros (D) from New Mexico Senate District 6.
  2. Dean Rhoads (R) from Nevada State Senate, Northern District.
  3. Dean Skelos (R) from New York Senate District 9.
  4. Dominick Ruggerio (D) from Rhode Island Senate District 4.
  5. Donna Boley (R) from West Virginia State Senate District 3.
  6. John Courson (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 20.
  7. John Matthews (D) from South Carolina State Senate District 39.
  8. Layton Freborg (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 8.
  9. Lyle Hillyard (R) from Utah State Senate District 25.
  10. Michael Gronstal (D) from Iowa State Senate District 8.
  11. Richard Mazza (D) from Vermont Senate Grand Isle District.
  12. Stuart Ingle (R) from New Mexico Senate District 27.
  13. Suzi Oppenheimer (D) from New York Senate District 37.
  14. Thomas Wyss (R) from Indiana State Senate, District 15.
  15. Velmanette Montgomery (D) from New York Senate District 25.
  16. Vi Simpson (D) from Indiana State Senate District 40.


  1. Ronald Rice (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 28.


  1. Bob Coffin () from Las Vegas City Council
    Ward 3.
  2. David Williams (Kentucky) () from .
  3. Dick Cohen (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 64.
  4. Gene Fraise (D) from Iowa State Senate District 46.
  5. James L. Seward (R) from New York Senate District 51.
  6. James Metzen (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 52.
  7. John Marty (D) from Minnesota State Senate, District 66.
  8. Judith Zaffirini (D) from Texas State Senate, District 21.
  9. Maryellen Goodwin (D) from Rhode Island Senate District 1.
  10. Randy McNally (R) from Tennessee State Senate District 5.
  11. Robert Cowles (R) from Wisconsin State Senate District 2.
  12. Robert Jauch (D) from Wisconsin State Senate, District 25.




  1. Austin M. Allran (R) from North Carolina State Senate District 42.
  2. Beverly Gard (R) from Indiana State Senate District 28.
  3. David O'Connell (D) from North Dakota State Senate District 6.
  4. DiAnna Schimek () from Nebraska State Senate, District 27.
  5. Gerald Neal (D) from Kentucky State Senate District 33.
  6. Henry Coe (R) from Wyoming State Senate District 18.
  7. John Kibbie (D) from Iowa State Senate District 4.
  8. John McGill (D) from Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina.
  9. Kemp Hannon (R) from New York Senate District 6.
  10. Mary Jane Garcia (D) from New Mexico Senate District 36.
  11. Mike Rose (South Carolina) (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 38.
  12. Richard McCormack (D) from Vermont Senate Windsor District.
  13. Robert Venables (D) from Delaware State Senate District 21.
  14. Serphin Maltese (R) from New York State Senate, District 15.
  15. Thelma Harper (D) from Tennessee State Senate District 19.
  16. Thomas Libous (R) from New York Senate District 52.
  17. William O'Dell (R) from South Carolina State Senate District 4.


  1. John Girgenti (D) from New Jersey State Senate District 35.
  2. Karen Krebsbach (R) from North Dakota State Senate District 40.
  3. Larry Robinson (D) from North Dakota State Senate District 24.