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Features of State Legislatures

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Four American states have a full-time state legislature. A full-time state legislature is defined as a legislature that meets throughout the year.

The full-time state legislatures are:

Defining a full-time state legislature

Number of staffers

Dates of 2010 sessions

Most full-time legislatures have large staffs. This means that not all work at the State Capitol. Some states with full-time legislatures have district offices[2].


When looking at salary, the National Conference of State Legislatures measures the overall salary of a legislator and not just the base salary alone. This includes per diem payments, housing allowances in-session, mileage and expense reimbursements, and other necessary payments. Also, the length of the legislative session takes into account how much a legislator is paid including factors if the legislature is called in special session which could increase a legislator's salary[2].

Time spent on the job

When the National Conference of State Legislatures defines how much time is devoted to state legislatures, it is considered not the amount of time that is spent on the legislative floor but also other activities too. This includes committee hearings, listening sessions, constituent service, and also time spent during a campaign[2].

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