Steven Morgan, Ron Carter and Jerry Taylor recall, Ridgecrest, California (2010)

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An effort to recall Steven Morgan, Ron Carter and Jerry Taylor from their seats on the Ridgecrest City Council in Ridgecrest, California, began in July 2010.[1]

Election officials certified a petition form as acceptable for circulation in early July.[2] The recall effort ended in early November when its supporters did not collect sufficient signatures by the statutory signature deadline to force a recall vote.[3]


"Don't Tread on Me, Citizens for Freedom" led the recall effort. Walt Maurer, a member of the group, said, "I generally support the recall effort because it will provide all voting citizens with an immediate opportunity to conduct a performance review of their City Council. I specifically support the recall effort because of the Council’s refusal to put a lawfully-qualified Initiative – signed in record time by over 3100 citizens – on the ballot. I consider that refusal, which deprived voters of their fundamental rights clearly granted by the California Election Code, to be the most egregious offense committed by any City Council in my 23 years here in Ridgecrest."

Mayor Steven Morgan said, "If these individuals believe that the millions of dollars that I have acquired for the city, fought hard to keep in Ridgecrest, outside grants, road projects and everything I do as a city council member aren't good enough for them anymore there's not much I can do about that."

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers had 120 days from the time their recall petition was certified for circulation in early July to collect the approximately 2,700 signatures needed to recall each recall target.[4]

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