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Storey County School District, Nevada

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Storey County School District is a school district in Nevada.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Nevada school district websites

The Storey County School District is comprised of four schools: Hillside Elementary School, Hugh Gallagher Elementary School, Virginia City Middle School andVirginia City HS. The district serves 450 students.[1] It serves Nevada's second smallest county, Storey County, Nevada.[2]

The good

  • Board trustee names and a central email address are available.[3]
  • Names and contact information for school administrators is available.[4]
  • Agendas and minutes from school board meetings are available.[5]

The bad

  • No individual contact information for board trustees.[6]
  • No specific information regarding background checks is posted, although the district policy manual states that three references should be checked for each position finalist.[7]
  • The fee schedule for copying of public records is available, but no form for such request or established procedures are specifically stated.[8]
  • The total revenues from local ad valorem property and school support taxes are available, but not the specific tax rates.[9]
  • No contract information is provided.

School Board

The school board is responsible adopting an annual budget for the school district based on the educational plan for the district and the recommendations of the administrators. In addition, he board supervises the execution of the budget, reviews school district accounts and provides for an annual audit of the accounts as required by law. The school board is also responsible for adopting academic standards for pupils and establishing expectations for the district. The school board monitors student academic achievement and exercises general oversight of the schools in the district.[10]

The following are School Board Trustees[11]: Christine Miller, President Pamela Smith, Clerk Deny Dotson Cathylee James Colleen Conley

Board members are elected to a four-year term pursuant to Nevada Revised Statute 386.180.[12]

One central email is provided for contacting the School Board, and no contact information is provided for each individual board member.[13]

The agenda for the most recent school board meeting is available online.[14] Board meeting minutes are also available.[15]

School Budget

Sixty-nine percent of the district's funding comes from local sources. State sources account for 26% of the budget, and federal support accounts for 5% of the budget.[16]

For the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2009, the total fund sources $4,720,169 from local sources and $1,014,000 from the state of Nevada. The large category of expense in the budget for FY 2009 was $2,068,084 million for regular programs, including salaries, benefits and supplies.[17]

For the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2008, the district's primary local revenue sources were ad valorem property taxes and the local school support tax (sales tax).[17] Total government-wide revenues increased 3.1% between fiscal year ending 2007 and fiscal year ending 2008, to $7,171,679 million.[17]

The district's total governmental expenditures for Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2008, totaled $9,269,471. That amount represented a decrease in expenditures from 2007, when expenditures totaled $9,871,656. The largest fund for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2008, was the General Fund with expenditures of $4,878,409, including both instructional and support costs. Special education activities are accounted for in a separate fund reflecting a .41% decrease in spending of $2,154 from $529,029 to $526,875 from last year to this year.[17]

The school district's Building Reserve Fund received $220,000 from Storey County for building projects under the Storey County's sales tax collections.[17]

Academic Performance

School Adequate Yearly Progress Results for the 2008-09 Academic Year [18]

School Name Adequate Yearly Progress Classification School Designation
Hillside Elementary School Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Hugh Gallagher Elementary Made Adequate Yearly Progress Adequate
Virginia City Middle School Made Adequate Yearly Progress High Achieving
Virginia City HS Made Adequate Yearly Progress High Achieving

Public records policy

See Fee Schedule for Storey County School District Public Records


Main article: Nevada government sector lobbying

The school district has one registered lobbyist.[19] The school board belongs to the Nevada Association of School Boards, a government sector lobbying association.[20]

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