Susan Merrow recall (2009)

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A Susan Merrow recall campaign is underway in Andover, Maine, in July 2009. It is the second attempt in two years to recall Merrow, who serves as a selectman for the City of Andover.[1]

Merrow was elected to a three-year term in March 2007.[2]

Reasons for 2009 recall

Victor Peterson and Phillip Milligan support the 2009 recall effort. They list as their reasons for wanting to remove Merrow from office:

  • Neglect to perform duties of office.
  • Conflict of interest.
  • Behavior unbecoming a public official.[1]

2008 recall

A 2008 effort to recall Merrow was defeated in November 2008, with 289 voting against the recall and 263 voting for it.[2]

In 2008, Andover had been the site of several controversies involving the fire department, ambulance service, accounting issues and other topics, resulting in the resignation of two selectmen in June 2008 and a special election to replace them.[3]

Although many said the reasons on the recall petition were too vague, the recall effort was mainly backlash to Merrow's vocal concerns about discrepancies in the town books and other town practices.[3]

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