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Talbot County Public Schools, Maryland

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Transparency grading process
Talbot County is a school district in Maryland.

Website evaluation

Main article: Evaluation of Maryland school district websites

The good

  • Teacher contracts are available.[1]
  • Audit information is posted.[2]
  • Academic performance information is provided via a link to the 2009 Maryland Report Card.[3]
  • Contact information for Board of Education members is posted.[4]
  • Agendas and minutes are posted. [5]
  • Administrative staff contact information is available. [6]
  • Approved budget is posted. [7]
    • Previous budgets are not posted.

The bad

  • Previous operating budgets are not posted on the site.
  • Vendor information is not posted.
  • Information is not provided on accessing public records.
  • Information is not provided on background checks.

Board of education

Sandra E. Kleppinger, President
Gloria Y. Farrare, Vice President
Dr. Norman Bowie
Robert F. Burris
Monica D. Heinsohn
Juanita Hopkins, Esq.
Donna M. Matthews, Esq.
Andrea Poe

Teacher contracts

An agreement exists between the Board of Education of Talbot County and the Talbot County Education Association for 2009-2013.[8]

School budget

Academic performance

Maryland measures academic progress each year by administering the Maryland School Assessment, the Alternate Maryland School Assessment (for students with disabilities), and the Maryland High School Assessments.[9]

HSA performance

The chart below details the percentage passing the following subjects:[10]

Grade Overall Algebra Biology English Government
Grade 12 99.7% 89.9% 86.2% 83.6% 87.5%
Grade 11 93.4% 95.3% 90.6% 85.4% 85.7%
Grade 10 100% 94% 86.7% 84.6% 100%

MSA performance

The chart below details the percentage passing the following subjects:[10]

Grade Math Reading Science
Grade 8 71% 81.3% 68.2%
Grade 7 67.6% 82.5% -
Grade 6 74.1% 83.2% -
Grade 5 76.5% 86.2% 67.8%
Grade 4 92.9% 91.5% -
Grade 3 84.3% 88.7% -


School choice

All schools associated with Talbot County Public Schools are "non-charter schools."[11]

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