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How to Spy on iPhone with spy app Keylogger for iPhone

What's a Keyloggger for iPhone? iPhone Keylogger is a kind of monitoring app which is tailored for an IOS device like iPhone, iPad. After installed onto the iPhone, an iPhone Keylogger program will record text message, keystrokes, chat logs, web history on the target iPhone. What's more, the screenshots of the device are also captured.


Before you download an iPhone Keylogger onto the target, you need to get the target device and make a jailbreak for it. Know more about jailbreak here: If the device has been jailbroken, please ignore this step and go to the download section.

Downloading Keylogger for iPhone

  1. Open Safari and go to the link cydia://package/ which leads you to the iKeyMonitor source directly. Or you can try to make a manual search in Cydia. Type "iKeyMonitor" in the search bar. Select iKeyMonitor from "BigBoss" source.
  2. Tap on Install button on the right upper corner to install it.
  3. Now you have Keylogger for iPhone installed successfully.

Making Use of Keylogger for iPhone

  1. Bring up the iPhone Keylogger by entering http://localhost:8888 in Safari.
  2. Register the Keylogger by typing in the license codes.
  3. Go to "Setting" tab, customize the Keylogger according to your own requirements. Fill in an Email address which the keylogger sends logs to. Check Enable Remote Control Panel.
  4. When you open the iPhone Keylogger on the target device next time, you are able to view monitored logs. You can also get those logs in your email.
  5. Tap on "Keystrokes" tab, you will get all the keystrokes typed by the iPhone user.
  6. The "SMS Logs" gives you a full list of in/out text messages from the target device.
  7. Looking into the "Web History", you can see every website visited by the iPhone user.
  8. "Screenshots" allows you to get a visual observation on the device with clear pictures.
  9. "WhatsApp" enables you to know what the iPhone user is talking about on WhatsApp.
  10. Log in to your personal remote control panel online account with your ID and Password at this site:
  11. The remote control panel is offering "Remotely Enable/Disable Monitoring" feature at the moment. You could stop/start monitoring at any time by simply switching the Monitoring Status in your remote iPhone Keylogger online account. This could be a perfect protection once your iPhone gets lost or stolen.


  • Jailbreak is required for installing iKeymonitor.
  • iKeymonitore online demo is available.
  • Test iKeymonitor on your device. 3 days free trial is offered.


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