Tea Party founder fights for additional Republican seat

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November 30, 2010

COLUMBUS, Ohio:Tea Party endorsed candidate Mike Wilson (R) will pay for a recount in Ohio's 28th house district. Despite an election night margin of only 5 votes, provisional ballots revealed a 602 vote lead for incumbent Connie Pillich--too large for a state-funded, automatic recount. Candidate and local Tea Party founder Wilson opted to fund recounts in the 5 districts that most strongly backed Pillich. A local election official described the move as "not common, but not unheard of."[1]

Wilson's embattled race takes place against the backdrop of larger GOP legislative gains throughout Ohio. In the Ohio House of Representatives Republican challengers defeated 11 incumbent Democrats. In the state senate, 2 incumbent Democrats were unseated. Statewide, 26 seats had no incumbent running in the general election. Of these 26 "open seats," Republicans won 15 while Democrats won 11. In total, Ohio Republicans gained 14 legislative seats. William Batchelder (R) will serve as Ohio's new Speaker of the House.[2]

Ohio State Senate, Partisan Breakdown

Ohio State Senate
Party As of November 1, 2010 After the 2010 Election
     Democratic Party 12 10
     Republican Party 21 23
Total 33 33

Ohios State House, Partisan Breakdown

Ohio House of Representatives
Party As of November 1, 2010 After the 2010 Election
     Democratic Party 53 40
     Republican Party 46 59
Total 99 99

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