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{{#if: {{{Status|}}}|[[Category:{{{Year}}} {{{Status}}}]]|}}
{{#if: {{{Status|}}}|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress {{{Status}}}]]|}}
[[Category:{{{Chamber}}} candidate, {{{Year}}}]]
[[Category:{{{Chamber}}} candidate, {{{Year}}}]]
{{#ifeq: {{{Potential}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} potential candidate]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Potential}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress potential candidate]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} primary]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress primary]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|L|[[Category:{{{Year}}} primary (defeated)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|L|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress primary (defeated)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|W|[[Category:{{{Year}}} primary (winner)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Primary}}}|W|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress primary (winner)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} general election]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress general election]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|L|[[Category:{{{Year}}} general election (defeated)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|L|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress general election (defeated)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|W|[[Category:{{{Year}}} general election (winner)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{General}}}|W|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress general election (winner)]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Unopposed}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} unopposed]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Unopposed}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress unopposed]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Open}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} open seat]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Open}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress open seat]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Redistricting}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} incumbent displaced by redistricting]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{Redistricting}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress incumbent displaced by redistricting]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{2Incs}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} incumbent vs incumbent]]}}
{{#ifeq: {{{2Incs}}}|Y|[[Category:{{{Year}}} Congress incumbent vs incumbent]]}}
[[Category:Congress election templates]]
[[Category:Congress election templates]]

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This is the format for categories of election candidates in congress.

The following is the basic text to paste:


Then, parameters are filled in and completed as the election goes along. An example of a basic, state senate challenger:

{{Congcandidate|Year=2012|Status=challenger|Chamber=U.S. Senate|Primary=Y}}

A state senate candidate who lost a primary:

{{Congcandidate|Year=2012|Status=challenger|Chamber=U.S. Senate|Primary=L}}

Here is the template with all possible parameters:


If the category template is being added on a page with pre-existing categories, it is recommended to add the template with a heading. Such as this format:

<!--YEAR categories-->


The possible variables are:

  • Year= Year of the election
  • Status= incumbent or challenger
  • Chamber= U.S. Senate or U.S. House
  • Potential=Y if a person is considering a run for office but has not formally declared yet
  • Primary=
Y to indicate running in a primary.
L to indicate defeated in a primary
W to indicate winner in a primary
  • General=
Y to indicate running in a general election.
L to indicate defeated in a general election
W to indicate winner in a general election
  • Unopposed=Y if facing no major party opposition in the general election
  • Open=Y if incumbent is not running in the general election
  • Redistricting=Y if incumbent is running in a different district because of redistricting
  • 2Incs=Y if there are multiple incumbents facing off in either a district primary or general election