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| group1 = [[Governor|Current Governors]]
| group1 = [[Governor|Current Governors]]
| list1 = [[Robert Bentley]] ([[Alabama|AL]]) • [[Sean Parnell]] ([[Alaska|AL]]) • [[Jan Brewer]] ([[Arizona|AZ]]) • [[Mike Beebe]] ([[Alaska|AK]]) • [[Jerry Brown]] ([[California|CA]]) • [[John Hickenlooper]] ([[Colorado]]) • [[Dan Malloy]] ([[Connecticut|CT]]) • [[Jack Markell]] ([[Delaware|DE]]) • [[Rick Scott]] ([[Florida|FL]]) • [[Nathan Deal]] ([[Georgia|GA]]) • [[Neil Abercrombie]] ([[Hawaii|HI]]) • [[Butch Otter]] ([[Idaho|ID]]) • [[Pat Quinn]] ([[Illinois|IL]]) • [[Mitch Daniels]] ([[Indiana|IN]]) • [[Terry E. Branstad]] ([[Iowa|IA]]) • [[Sam Brownback]] ([[Kansas|KS]]) • [[Steve Beshear]] ([[Kentucky|KY]]) • [[Bobby Jindal]] ([[Louisiana|LA]]) • [[Paul LePage]] ([[Maine|ME]]) • [[Martin O'Malley]] ([[Maryland|MD]]) • [[Deval Patrick]] ([[Massachusetts|MA]]) • [[Rick Snyder]] ([[Michigan|MI]]) • [[Mark Dayton]] ([[Minnesota|MN]]) • [[Jay Nixon]] ([[Missouri|MO]]) • [[Haley Barbour]] ([[Mississippi|MS]]) • [[Brian Schweitzer]] ([[Montana|MT]]) • [[Dave Heineman]] ([[Nebraska|NE]]) • [[Brian Sandoval]] ([[Nevada|NV]]) • [[John Lynch]] ([[New Hampshire|NH]]) • [[Chris Christie]] ([[New Jersey|NJ]]) • [[Susana Martinez]] ([[New Mexico|NM]]) • [[Andrew Cuomo]] ([[New York|NY]]) • [[Beverly Perdue]] ([[North Carolina|NC]]) • [[Jack Dalrymple]] ([[North Dakota]]) • [[John Kasich]] ([[Ohio|OH]]) • [[Mary Fallin]] ([[Oklahoma|OK]]) • [[John Kitzhaber]] ([[Oregon|OR]]) • [[Tom Corbett]] ([[Pennsylvania|PA]]) • [[Lincoln Chafee]] ([[Rhode Island|RI]]) • [[Nikki Haley]] ([[South Carolina|SC]]) • [[Dennis Daugaard]] ([[South Dakota|SD]]) • [[Bill Haslam]] ([[Tennessee|TN]]) • [[Rick Perry]] ([[Texas|TX]]) • [[Gary R. Herbert]] ([[Utah]]|UT) • [[Peter Shumlin]] ([[Vermont|VT]]) • [[Bob McDonnell]] ([[Virginia|VA]]) • [[Christine Gregoire]] ([[Washington|WA]]) • [[Earl Ray Tomblin]] ([[West Virginia|WV]]) • [[Scott Walker]] ([[Wisconsin|WI]]) • [[Matt Mead]] ([[Wyoming|WY]]) <hr>
| list1 = [[Robert Bentley]] ([[Governor of Alabama|AL]]) • [[Sean Parnell]] ([[Governor of Alaska|AL]]) • [[Jan Brewer]] ([[Governor of Arizona|AZ]]) • [[Mike Beebe]] ([[Governor of Alaska|AK]]) • [[Jerry Brown]] ([[Governor of California|CA]]) • [[John Hickenlooper]] ([[Governor of Colorado]]) • [[Dan Malloy]] ([[Governor of Connecticut|CT]]) • [[Jack Markell]] ([[Governor of Delaware|DE]]) • [[Rick Scott]] ([[Governor of Florida|FL]]) • [[Nathan Deal]] ([[Governor of Georgia|GA]]) • [[Neil Abercrombie]] ([[Governor of Hawaii|HI]]) • [[Butch Otter]] ([[Governor of Idaho|ID]]) • [[Pat Quinn]] ([[Governor of Illinois|IL]]) • [[Mitch Daniels]] ([[Governor of Indiana|IN]]) • [[Terry E. Branstad]] ([[Governor of Iowa|IA]]) • [[Sam Brownback]] ([[Governor of Kansas|KS]]) • [[Steve Beshear]] ([[Governor of Kentucky|KY]]) • [[Bobby Jindal]] ([[Governor of Louisiana|LA]]) • [[Paul LePage]] ([[Governor of Maine|ME]]) • [[Martin O'Malley]] ([[Governor of Maryland|MD]]) • [[Deval Patrick]] ([[Governor of Massachusetts|MA]]) • [[Rick Snyder]] ([[Governor of Michigan|MI]]) • [[Mark Dayton]] ([[Governor of Minnesota|MN]]) • [[Jay Nixon]] ([[Governor of Missouri|MO]]) • [[Haley Barbour]] ([[Governor of Mississippi|MS]]) • [[Brian Schweitzer]] ([[Governor of Montana|MT]]) • [[Dave Heineman]] ([[Governor of Nebraska|NE]]) • [[Brian Sandoval]] ([[Governor of Nevada|NV]]) • [[John Lynch]] ([[Governor of New Hampshire|NH]]) • [[Chris Christie]] ([[Governor of New Jersey|NJ]]) • [[Susana Martinez]] ([[Governor of New Mexico|NM]]) • [[Andrew Cuomo]] ([[Governor of New York|NY]]) • [[Beverly Perdue]] ([[Governor of North Carolina|NC]]) • [[Jack Dalrymple]] ([[Governor of North Dakota]]) • [[John Kasich]] ([[Governor of Ohio|OH]]) • [[Mary Fallin]] ([[Governor of Oklahoma|OK]]) • [[John Kitzhaber]] ([[Governor of Oregon|OR]]) • [[Tom Corbett]] ([[Governor of Pennsylvania|PA]]) • [[Lincoln Chafee]] ([[Governor of Rhode Island|RI]]) • [[Nikki Haley]] ([[Governor of South Carolina|SC]]) • [[Dennis Daugaard]] ([[Governor of South Dakota|SD]]) • [[Bill Haslam]] ([[Governor of Tennessee|TN]]) • [[Rick Perry]] ([[Governor of Texas|TX]]) • [[Gary R. Herbert]] ([[Governor of Utah]]|UT) • [[Peter Shumlin]] ([[Governor of Vermont|VT]]) • [[Bob McDonnell]] ([[Governor of Virginia|VA]]) • [[Christine Gregoire]] ([[Governor of Washington|WA]]) • [[Earl Ray Tomblin]] ([[Governor of West Virginia|WV]]) • [[Scott Walker]] ([[Governor of Wisconsin|WI]]) • [[Matt Mead]] ([[Governor of Wyoming|WY]]) <hr>
| list1style = border-bottom:1px solid #88a;<!-- border-right:1px solid #88a; -->
| list1style = border-bottom:1px solid #88a;<!-- border-right:1px solid #88a; -->

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